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The popularity that video games based on blockchain technology have acquired has marked a before and after of what playing online represents; the possibility of exchanging not only characters and environments but also financial elements such as cryptocurrencies makes this industry perhaps one of the most promising in terms of Web3. If you are new to Bitcoin trading, here’s how to cash out Cryptocurrency.

In 2016, blockchain games were introduced to gamers, where the possibility of acquiring cryptocurrencies as income for executing specific actions or tasks that could even reach thousands of dollars is an exciting way to generate profits.

Applications in the form of video games currently represent the way to store value through the blockchain to later exchange digital assets with other players in the community, which gives confidence in the environments and a financial proposal from the perspective of entertainment.

Earnings through Blockchain games

This tool is usually a bit unreal for many, but for gamers, it is a sure way to generate income from the comfort of home and have fun.

The diversity of platforms today to obtain money through online games needs to be narrower, which contributes to the fact that there is no single or basic strategy to get economic benefits from this activity.

Some games can range from the care and collection of virtual pets to cryptocurrency mining; the diversity is gigantic; therefore, the exclusivity of gamers towards a specific application allows them to obtain profitability.

How income is represented through video games can be with Bitcoin, collectible cards, any digital currency, or non-fungible tokens, everything will depend on the player’s interests.

What’s coming for Qatar 2022?

Just days before the inauguration of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, many elements are being considered that can generate income for large companies in the sports and technology environment, in addition to leaving part of these profits to the followers and users of the blockchain games.

FIFA has shown great interest in using technology and video games to attract more people to what soccer represents in the world.

It is how even though FIFA 23 represents the latest version of the video games that so many soccer fans have used, this does not imply that it will not continue on the market, which is why now is the perfect time with the arrival of so Qatar World Cup 2022 is expected to open up opportunities for new blockchain experiences.

There are currently four video game projects launched amid the World Cup, where companies like EA sports are part of this new phase.

NFTs, despite being a relatively new concept developed to promote a much more digital economy, FIFA joins them in betting on unique experiences that will surely captivate users’ attention. King sports lovers. The games that are expected are the following:

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 edition: a video game controlled by artificial intelligence where there is casual interaction between characters, and players must execute commands promptly, in addition to being able to create tournaments and competitions between teams and video game users.

Upland Metaverse: As expected, the metaverse should be present at the 2022 World Cup, where players can move around the virtual representation of Qatar and the various stadiums that will host during the tournament.

Matchday Challenge: A video game that links the cloud and the players’ predictions regarding the statistics expected to lead the winning team to lift the world cup.


Video games based on blockchain technology have been evolving and adapting to the various events that are generated in the real world, managing to position themselves during certain times according to the global trend that exists in this opportunity, the Qatar 2022 World Cup is approaching.

Just as happened during the 2018 World Cup in Russia when a video game known as was launched on the market, an application where soccer fans could make their statistics and project their pools through intelligent contracts.

This blockchain game could be compared to a bet or purchase of a lottery ticket where the possibility of hitting the development projections of the cup, where the winnings were granted employing tokens.