3 best tool for OCR PDF document

OCR PDF document

Thanks to OCR PDF services, both individual users and organizations now find the chores of cloud storage and document management to be completely hassle-free. If you have high-quality OCR software, scanning and archiving image-based documents into editable PDF format is quick and straightforward. 

In addition to making text pictures scannable, OCR PDF services turn them into online documents that are machine-readable. This makes it easier to turn physical papers into texts that computers can read. The Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) function of the OCR software incorporates language and handwriting style recognition. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used by the most sophisticated OCR software for ICR. The electronic conversion of printed, typed, or handwritten text into machine-encoded text is known as optical character recognition (OCR). The writing may be from a scanned document, a photograph of the document, a scene photograph, or it may be a subdued text overlayed over an image. Let’s take a look at the best tools available as of now to convert PDF to editable Word. 

  • 2pdf

With the use of OCR PDF services, scanned photos and documents may be quickly and easily converted into Word, PDF, Excel, and text output formats. They’re all editable. Therefore, we can highly recommend this tool for anyone who wishes to proceed with PDF to Word OCR. The OCR PDF tool is highly recommended for anyone as well. 

The tools at 2pdf.com are all extremely straightforward and easy to use. The user may drag their PDF file into the page and then choose the necessary action. The file size of PDF files may be decreased, they can be combined or divided into other files, and they can be converted into other formats. The user does not need to install anything on his or her computer since all of these services are accessible online. 

  • Acrobat Pro DC by Adobe 

An very effective OCR PDF solution for text extraction and converting scanned documents into editable PDF format is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. This is compatible with all devices and guarantees a full PDF solution. This OCR software will read the text, identify the font, and convert the PDF to use that font. The editing options included in this OCR program include text recognition, adding comments, a page recorder, merging files, and more. Using this OCR tool, the user may rotate, erase, or trim pages. 

  • Kofax OmniPage Ultimate 

One of the best OCR PDF services is OmniPage Ultimate, which can be used to digitize paper documents, PDF files, and photos. The PDFs and other data are transformed into editable, shareable documents by this OCR program. Only Windows is supported by this program. On a Mac, this cannot be utilized. 

The transformed PDF files are automatically routed to pre-established processes using this OCR software. A single PDF file or a batch of PDF files may be converted into searchable files with the help of the eDiscovery Assistant. OmniPage Ultimate guarantees OCR accuracy that is on par with that of a digital camera.

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