3 Main Types of Electrical Accidents

It is a known fact that many people make the unfortunate mistake of attempting to save a little money and take an electrical job into their own hands. Statistics show that out of 400 electrical accidents, 200 of those are deaths. We need to note that these accidents and deaths can be avoid if the proper steps are taken. 3 of the most common types of electrical accidents include; electrical burns, electrical fires, and electric shock. All of these can be avoiding if we take the proper precautions in reaching out to a proper professional electrician. And that has the appropriate equipment, education, and experience. 

Electrical Burn

An electrical burn may appear as a result of electricity coming in contact with your body. The electricity can pass through the body causing electrical damage to organs and tissue. This type of damage can be severe enough to cause death or it can be mild. There is no way to know what kind of damage will occur in which type of situation. So it is important to be aware of the things that can happen when taking on an electrical job. So that should be done by a professional. We can also make these things clear to our children so that there is no question as to what our expectations are surrounding electricity. 

Electrical Fire

An electrical fire is, unfortunately, more common than we would like to admit. It is a malfunction or failure within machinery or electrical components that cause these fires. In order to avoid this type of disruption, again, leaving our electrical work to a professional is the absolute best thing we can do. A few things that can be done in this hapless situation include, removing the oxygen source, using a fire extinguisher (do not use water to put it out), cutting off the electricity, or adding sodium bicarbonate. Unfortunately, electrical fires can even happen when nothing has been done to the surrounding areas. Be cautious of frayed cords. Know the steps that can be taken if ever placed in a situation where you need to put out an electrical fire. 

Electric Shock

It is important to note that if any type of electrical shock has occurred in a situation that you are aware of, it is dire that you reach out to a medical expert as soon as possible. In some cases, an electric shock can show zero sign that any damage has been done. But that is not always true. Just because there is no physical sign that any damage has been done, the electrical current that has passed through the body can cause cardiac arrest, internal damage, or other injuries. Even in some cases, just a small amount of electricity can actually be fatal. So it is extremely important in every case to seek medical help. 
In order to avoid these dangerous situations altogether, it is so important to reach out to an electrician for any electrical needs of any kind. Boise Electrician has a high quality of expertise and pride in the work they provide and is highly recommended.