3 Top Tips to Learn Spanish Language

Most people who learn Spanish ask themselves the same question:

What methods will help me learn Spanish as quickly as possible? Nowadays there are so many different methods to learn Spanish that it is not surprising that many people have a hard time choosing the right one. Of course, not all students learn the same way, but nevertheless, here are the three main methods I used and learned to speak Spanish quickly when I started my new life in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

1. Spanish Classes

Taking an official Spanish class is a must, and I am sure you will find one wherever you live. Usually classes are held in the evenings, but some language schools sometimes offer weekend classes. Although I think these courses are necessary, there are some things you should be aware of. When I first started learning to speak Spanish, I signed up for a four-week intensive course and I must say that it was not a wise decision.

It would have been a better choice for advanced students, but for beginners it may have been too early. It was useful and gave me the basics, but I think it would have been better to do two evenings a week instead of five. Due to the lack of imagination of the Spanish teacher, who just read out the course content and had the students repeat it without role-playing, the course was also not very enjoyable. It’s much easier to learn to speak Spanish when you’re having fun doing it, so try to read up on how the course works and ask the Spanish tutor if you can.

2. Spanish Language Software

 In addition to the official Spanish course, I also used Spanish language software to diversify and reinforce what I was learning in the official course. I purchased a course called Rocket Spanish and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it. It includes audio files, flashcards, quizzes and dictionaries, and simple explanations of verb tenses. I’ve been using the audio files and flashcards every day, for only twenty or thirty minutes at a time, and it’s a good, relaxing way to expand my vocabulary. I know there are many similar courses like Fluenz Spanish, Tell Me More Spanish, and Rosetta Stone, but I have only used Rocket Spanish and liked it.

3. learn Spanish on the street

 I admit that it might be easier for me since I live in a Spanish speaking country, but I find that speaking Spanish with native speakers for 20 minutes a day is the best method. It is also the method that causes the most anxiety, especially the fear of making a mistake, but don’t worry! I forced myself to go up to the locals and speak Spanish with them no matter what, and believe me, it did wonders for my Spanish. It really wasn’t that difficult and I wasn’t laughed at, intimidated or shunned, in fact it was a real blast, I earned their respect and the generous people here offered me drinks and shared tapas with me.

They know you are making an effort to speak Spanish language online and believe me, they are willing to help you. I now have many friends and acquaintances here and continue to make new friends and acquaintances, mainly because I try to communicate with the locals in Spanish as much as possible.

In a store, a cafe, a supermarket, a local market where I am now greeted by name by the vendors when I store, in a bar or restaurant I talk to people in Spanish and try to get a conversation going, and each time I learn more and more useful Spanish phrases. This may not be so easy for you, but I recommend you try it as often as you can, and honestly, it will increase your Spanish by many times and you will really enjoy it!


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