4 Major Types Of Constructions

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The architectural industry is among those that has experienced exponential growth over the last few decades. This is primarily true when considering the changes you can see today in planning, designing, and putting together different materials to form a concrete and incredible structure. That is why GCAS and other professionals have developed various types of constructions. It would be appropriate to learn about four of the most notable construction types to get a clear picture of what they are.

Industrial Projects

These are construction projects that involve building facilities used for large-scale production. Manufacturing firms primarily use such facilities. Constructing such buildings requires expertise offered by several professionals, considering that the projects are complex most of the time. These projects are handled mainly by industrial or for-profit corporations with the right tools, equipment, skills, and expertise to complete the construction. You can further break down industrial structures into a few subtypes. These include;

  • Oil refineries – These are the facilities with extensive pipework running through them. It requires top-notch expertise and professionalism to build an oil refinery.
  • Warehouses – These buildings are built with high ceilings opening to the roofing. Such a design allows the building users to stack goods and have easy movement.
  • Manufacturing – These are constructed with the sole purpose of producing different items. Such can either be large manufacturing plants or small assembly facilities.

Residential Projects

Residential construction refers to the buildings where people live, and architects and engineers design them. Besides people living in them, residential buildings can also be used to store supplies and equipment. Residential construction does not only involve building buildings. It also includes repair, maintenance, and installation of different utilities, such as water and electricity, within and around the structure. The projects are executed by construction companies, which then subcontract mechanical, structural, and electrical professionals to handle the work associated with such fields. Some of the best examples of residential construction include condos, apartments, dormitories, nursing homes, and townhomes.

Infrastructure And Heavy Projects

These are also referred to as civil constructions, and they encompass the building of infrastructure, such as railways, roads, airports, and bridges. These kinds of projects are mostly done to benefit the public in their entirety. That is why you will find most if not all of them are handled by government agencies or some private contractors who have been assigned the task by the federal or state government.

Commercial Constructions

When you hear about commercial buildings, you should start thinking about business and office spaces. In most cases, you will find that commercial construction requires many personnel from start to finish, thanks to its extensive scope. Commercial buildings include retail stores, restaurants, office premises, and grocery stores. Like with other types explained above, commercial construction involves building new structures and repairing and maintaining the existing ones.

The above explained are the four major types of constructions that exist today. It is appropriate to gather such information, especially if you consider taking a career in the construction industry. Feel free to search for more details to ensure you are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge.


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