4 Ways Bad Internet Can Affect Your Business

Gateway Fiber

It’s surprising to see how many business owners still seem to see their internet as an afterthought when considering everything they’re doing with it. Virtually all communications today are done via the internet or internet-enabled devices nowadays. It can affect the way you interact with clients and how your employees communicate with each other. And it can affect productivity in so many different ways. Let’s take a look at how bad internet could affect your business negatively.

It Can Erode Your Team’s Morale

You might think that we’re exaggerating, but you have no idea how frustrating unsteady and slow internet service can be to a team. As a matter of fact, a Deloitte survey found that bad internet was the single biggest irritant for employees in the workplace.

Everything your employees have to do takes more time. They have to spend more time editing documents that are stored in the cloud. They have to wait longer for uploads and downloads, and some of them will fail. They have to constantly wait for the internet to reconnect or have to re-enter chat rooms they were disconnected from. These are all things that can start chipping away at their morale after a while, yet it is something you could easily fix by upgrading to a better service.

If you’re currently working with a cable service provider and are experiencing issues, we suggest you make the move to fiber optic with a company like Gateway Fiber. It’s much faster and the prices are comparable. 

It Will Make You Look Unprofessional

If you regularly have to make video calls or video conferences, you want the audio and video to be as smooth as possible. You also don’t want to be disconnected in the middle of an important conversation with a client. It can happen once or twice but if you constantly get disconnected or have to switch mediums because of a shoddy connection, it will reflect poorly on you. So, make the upgrade right now if you’re having issues at this level.

It Will Affect Your Bottom Line

When it takes more time to do things, your production suffers. Getting better internet or investing in a solution that will make your internet connection more robust and faster will be nothing compared to the amount of money you’re losing because of your bad connection. 

It Limits Your Options

If you want to do things like streaming seminars or creating content for your business, having bad internet will limit you. Streaming will be out of the question and posting content will be much more strenuous. Even doing things like sending cold emails will be limited by your internet connection. And, if you want to do something like use VoIP, the quality of the service will be directly correlated to the quality of your internet connection.

Don’t let such a small and easily fixable detail as bad internet affect your operation. If your connection is subpar, consider looking for a new provider starting today.