5 Biggest Reasons Why New Zealanders Love Nike

New Zealand is known for its amazing outdoors, but locals and seasoned tourists also flock to the country to enjoy leisurely shopping. The island nation has plenty of bustling markets, artisan foods and local products, and one-of-a-kind designer labels. But when people look for sportswear and other athletic attire, they tend to invest in familiar brands like Nike in NZ for high-quality products. 

While trends and brands come and go, Nike maintains the quality of their products over the years. The brand is expected to get bigger despite the volatile economy brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many loyal customers continue to put their money on the brand’s footwear and athletic apparel. Here are the reasons why Nike continues to dominate the athletic wear market. 

Reason #1: More Shoppers Choose to Focus on their Health and Wellbeing 

More than half of all adults are committed to doing at least two and a half hours of physical activities in a week, according to NZ’s Ministry of Health. Since there are many active people in the country, the sales of athletic gear, footwear, and apparel continues to rise despite the challenges in the economy. As a result, footwear and athleisure products from Nike in NZ remain a hot commodity in the market. 

Reason #2: Competing Brands Lead to Better Outputs 

Over the years, local and international athlete wear brands have come out and released similar products offered by Nike. However, to maintain its lead in the market, the brand continues to innovate and create products that its loyal customers and target market cannot resist. 

For example, the Flyknit sneakers line became highly successful due to its minimalist and lightweight characteristics. The brand used high-tech knitting technology to create the upper portion of the shoe in one piece instead of stitching several pieces together. As a result, more New Zealanders choose to buy these pairs of sneakers for their comfort and convenience. 

Reason #3: People Demands to Feel Comfortable All the Time 

Aside from feet-friendly shoes, Nike also created an easy-to-wear athletic clothing line. It includes sweat-wicking shirts, yoga pants, and breathable running shorts. 

Shoppers in New Zealand are expected to pick these outfits instead of denim or tight-fitting apparel at any time. Aside from comfort, the brand can also compete with high-end fashion designers who create fashion-forward athleisure garments because of its design and function. 

Reason #4: The Brand is Future-Centric 

Aside from its signature shoe products for basketball and running, Nike continues to produce various sports like cycling, golf, volleyball, baseball, and skateboarding. It means that whatever sports you are into, the brand will create innovative products to help you perform better. 

Some of the previous innovations introduced by the company include NikeID. It allowed customers to customise their shoes to suit their unique tastes. In addition, Self-tying shoes inspired by the famous footwear from the 1989 film “Back to the Future Part II” also came out from the brand.

Reason #5: The Brand’s Commitment to Sustainability

New Zealand is one of the countries that signed up with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, it is crucial to sustain the country’s eco-tourism and keep the natural resources in their best condition. Because of this, Nike’s environment-friendly programs made the brand closer to the hearts of the Kiwis all over the country. 

One of the most popular eco-friendly concepts introduced by the brand is the Reuse-A-Shoe program. It collects used athletic shoes from a recycling bin and uses them to build basketball courts, fields, athletic tracks, or playgrounds. It is also used to create new footwear and apparel. 

Investing in Nike products have plenty of perks, which is why more people in New Zealand choose these athletic wear than other brands. Fortunately, you can find this brand from leading shoe retail stores in the country.  


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