5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2022

Do you want to remain competitive in your industry? Then you need your digital marketing strategy to stay relevant in a fast-changing landscape of marketing. Among many new marketing ploys, these are the five you should prioritize for your marketing strategies in 2022.

Video marketing

A digital marketing agency reported that video marketing presents your brand in an engaging way. The purpose of video marketing is to promote and present your products or services to people through video. Videos are powerful forms of visual presentation that attract and connect you with your audiences.

According to Renderforest Survey, video could help increase brand awareness up to 70%, traffic by 51%, and sales up to 34%. These numbers show you need to start incorporating video marketing for your business.

You can use video marketing to show the use case of your goods or services. It helps your audience to understand what you offer better.

Another example of video marketing is a customer’s testimonial video. It helps to encourage people to try your products or build trust in your brand.

Live stream shopping

The trend began in China and is now widely adopted by international brands as well.

Live stream shopping is real-time video streaming at a certain platform by celebrities or influencers where they highlight products from brands they work with. Presenters and viewers can interact during the live stream. Viewers of the live stream can click and buy the products directly through the platform if they wish.

Live stream shopping is predicted to grow with companies like Amazon and Facebook joining the space.

Also, McKinsey reported that some industries are more popular than other industries in live stream shopping. They are fashion, beauty products, food, electronics, furnishing, and home decor. So, if you are in those industries, it is time to invest your time to do live stream shopping.

TikTok marketing

TikTok has grown into one of the biggest social media platforms above its peers. In the early days, it was more about dancing videos that went viral. However, TikTok has evolved beyond those videos to include much more. You can find anything on TikTok nowadays, from tips to educational content.

Is it reasonable to promote your business through TikTok? Taking advantage of TikTok’s broad audience and driving them to your business is the purpose of TikTok marketing. The vast majority of users in the digital world are using TikTok nowadays so that it can be a relevant traffic source.

If you are going to use TikTok marketing, make sure to work on a creative short video. After creating and uploading your video on TikTok, you also need to engage with your audiences because that is the point of social media.

Influencer marketing

It used to be that only celebrities could be called influencers. Today, almost everyone with big followings on social media or bloggers with thousands of traffic can call themselves an influencer.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that utilizes an endorsement from influencers. This marketing technique may benefit your company since followers trust their influencers.

Understanding the influencers’ niche is essential before entering into any project. With the correct niche, you will reap generous rewards from your influencer marketing efforts.

When you want to start a campaign with influencers, you need to do your homework with your prospective influencers. You should not judge the quality of endorsements from influencers based only on how big their followings are. You also need to consider their niche and engagement rate.

Email marketing

In email marketing, you send a commercial email message to your subscribers. Subscribers are those who have subscribed to your email list and agreed to receive your communications. Your business can use email marketing to support your business operations or drive conversions.

In the early days of email marketing, it used a one-size-fits-all approach. It has now transformed into a more personalized approach. As a result, you can use it for your customer retention too. You can use an email marketing platform or collaborate with your website development partner to incorporate this type of marketing.

Today’s world moves at a fast rate. Your business needs to adapt to new technologies, tools, and strategies to stay ahead of your competitors. Change is part and parcel of running a business. The one who is quick to adapt has a bigger chance to thrive.


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