5 New Looks Women Can Try with Their Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds have been used by humans for several decades, primarily as a jewellery ornament. Diamond jewellery is elegantly luxurious that will never go out of fashion. The reason that they have been used as jewellery for so long is because they sparkle, look beautiful and are extremely versatile.

The versatility of diamond jewellery allows you to pair them up with different outfits. It doesn’t matter if it’s your family heirloom that is being passed down through the generations or a jewellery with modern design, diamonds will easily enhance any look. Be it a casual girl’s night out with friends or an evening cocktail party, diamond jewellery can be worn to suit both occasions. Here are a few tried and tested looks that you can pair up with some classic diamond jewellery.

Diamond choker and a white shirt

This combination brings together two things which are usually a staple in a woman’s wardrobe, but are never worn together. We live in a time where quirky fashion is noticed and appreciated and therefore combining the diamond choker with a white shirt really makes you stand out in the crowd. It gives you a trendy semi casual look when paired with formal pants or a knee length skirt. You can also wear this along with jeans.

Layered diamond chains with turtlenecks

Turtlenecks tops and dresses are some of the most stylish outfits that have been ruling the fashion industry for quite some time. It can be tricky to a pair jewellery with these outfits but the layered diamond necklaces look absolutely stunning with turtleneck outfits especially the monochrome ones.

Diamond studs with casual shorts

Whether you are going for a picnic or for a trip to the supermarket, wearing something comfortable yet chic is the best option. Diamond stud earrings are the most versatile ornaments that even suit the casual looks. Denim shorts with a loose t shirt along with diamond studs and open hair or ponytail is a great everyday look. You can also wear diamond studs that match the lab grown engagement rings for simple yet royal look for an evening get together.

Diamond brooch with jackets and blazers

With the winter season knocking on the door, most of us will pull out our favourite jackets and blazers from the wardrobe. Inspired by the British Royal family, wearing a brooch on top of your jacket has become a trend. With the festive season round the corner, diamond brooches of different variety and colour can be worn with a smart fitting tweed jacket or blazer to add a little bling to the smart look.

Diamond hoops with jeans

A pair of denim jeans is the go to outfit for most of us because they’re so comfortable. Whether you’re at home or at one of the best hill stations for vacation, wearing jeans is a great option and a stunning piece of diamond hoop earrings made of colourless diamonds that will give you the perfect girl next door look.

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