5 Things Must Try During Dubai Desert Safari

5 Things Must Try During Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is a paradise on Earth as it offers globetrotters with unique experiences. For years, the desert remained an integral part of the Emirati locals. Away from the luxury of the city, Dubai desert is peaceful and mystical. Besides, if you truly want to experience the essence of the Arabian Land, you must book desert safari packages. 

The desert safari bundles some memorable activities. You need to fully indulge in these fulfilling experiences. Dubai desert safari deals adventure will never bore you- whether you are trying it for the first time or already took a taste of it before. Therefore, if you are planning a wholesome experience, then you must go on a Dubai desert safari ride.

4×4 Car Drive

A 4×4 car drive through the desert is undoubtedly one of the most stimulating activities you will ever try. Imagine you are sitting inside a luxury air-conditioned vehicle while the car gushes up and down on the dune masses. That’s not all, you might feel that the activity is dangerous to try, but once it begins, you will start enjoying it. After all, it will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Professional drivers will drive the luxury Cruiser while you just sit back and enjoy the entire activity. Hence, if you are someone who seeks sensational and bone-chilling activities, a 4×4 car drive in the desert will win your heart.

Dune Buggy

If you want to participate in one of the best desert safari experiences in Dubai, you must try dune buggy rides. Your Dubai vacation will remain incomplete if you don’t include a Dubai dune buggy in your to-do list. This gripping activity involves driving powerful buggies on the sand terrain while you gush into the gigantic dunes. Therefore, cover the sharp twists and deep gorges and let the adrenaline levels catch a peak. 

Although it is one heck of an adventurous feel, you must not miss a single opportunity to admire the surreal view of the Arabian desert. It is surely a daredevil ride, but you will get safety instructions. Hence, you don’t need to worry about threatening shortcomings.

Camel Ride

Camel ride is a vital tradition of the Emiratis. Camels are resistant to extreme weather conditions and are resilient. As a result, Emiratis used them as the primary mode of transportation and trading. Therefore, go on an intriguing camel ride through the adventurous Dubai desert. 

A 45-minute journey with the ‘Ship of Desert’ will enlighten you about how desert wildlife survives in such weather extremity. Furthermore, you can indulge in the captivating beauty of the golden stretches. 

Besides, the golden hue offers a perfect backdrop for tourists to click endless photographs. However, it is best to consider a camel ride during the evening. You will witness the most ravishing sunset while riding.

BBQ Dinner

A desert safari activity comes packed with tons of stirring experiences that involve physical activities. Therefore, you will feel hungry after a time, and to tantalize your hunger you must try BBQ dinner. Thus, taste from a wide variety of veg and non-veg local delicacies. Prepared by local chefs, the dishes taste unbelievably mouth-watering. Besides, the aroma of the local spices mixed with international flavor is truly praiseworthy. Hence, the fulfilling experience of a lavish BBQ dinner post-safari activities will give you energy for sure.

Belly Dance

Belly dance is a part of Emirati culture. Hence, if you want to experience the real side of Arabian traditions, a belly dance performance is a must. However, you must book desert safari packages to experience it. By the end of other activities, you will witness this performance. 

The performance is arranged while the guests cherish the BBQ dinner. It is a local tradition. Hence, local artists (mainly women) perform this extraordinary activity. 

Final words

Dubai is a tourist magnet due to its grandeur, luxury, and overall vibe. Although the Dubai cityscape is fun and engaging, if you want to taste the real essence of Arabian culture, you must go for desert safari rides.