5 Thoughtful Ways To Say Thank You

spa set

If the last 2 years have highlighted anything for a lot of people, it’s that life can be hard, and people really do need each other to get by.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that in the last 2 years, people have been thanking each other more and showing each other appreciation. However, this can be a bit tricky to get right. If you go overboard with it, someone may feel you are trying to overshadow them. Or, if you do not thank someone enough for what they have done, they may feel upset and less than eager to help you in the future.

So, besides saying the words via text or conversation, what are some of the best ways to say thank you?

Gift Baskets or Boxes

At the top of the list for saying thank you to friends and family is a gift box or basket.

In the past, gift baskets traditionally revolved around items such as food and alcohol, but in 2022, they have shifted to include almost everything. If you know the person you need to thank likes plants, you can get them a plant box or basket. You can get chocolate-based baskets. And, of course, a very popular option is the self-care baskets, which contain lotions and oils. 

Still, stuck for ideas? Check out these thank you gift boxes for some ideas.


Firstly, make sure the person you are sending a bunch of flowers to doesn’t have allergies! Or you can send a low-pollen flower if they do.

Flowers are one of the standard ways you can say thank you to someone, and a bunch of flowers is always going to be welcome in most people’s homes, especially if it is accompanied by a card that has a message written in it. If you know the person well enough, be sure to send them flowers that they like or flowers in their favorite color. 

Day Out

This is only ideal if you know the person well, as the last thing you want to do is invest in a day out for a colleague and yourself, only to discover that they don’t like the chosen activity. 

Be sure that the trip will be accessible for them and, of course, will be something that they will enjoy rather than simply attend to make you feel better! Some examples may involve wine tasting, paintball, or even a trip to the movies.

Spa Set

A spa set is another great gift idea that you can put into a basket with a thank you note. Be sure to check for allergies before giving this gift, and then be sure to pack lots of lotions, bath oils, and skin creams. 

Plant Set

There are thousands of succulent plant sets available online, along with other indoor plant sets like ferns, cheese plants, and even color-coded sets. If you want to give a striking and thoughtful gift that will make an impact, why not gift a plant or several plants? It will be the most colorful gift a person could ask for.