5 Ways to Make Best Use of Gable Boxes

Gable Boxes

Gable boxes always look very attractive, from fast food & sweets products to gifts, they can go very well with everything. The unique and smart design of these boxes makes them stand out. Companies have now understood how important it is to beautifully pack and present their products to customers. You can design your gable box just the way you want, and give it a unique theme that represents your brand. Businesses like to make custom boxes for their clients on special occasions like New year. Some companies also offer personalized gable boxes for customers to be used in events, such as bridal showers and anniversaries.  

The packaging of your products has a huge contribution to branding. There are two primary parameters customers use to judge your products, one is quality, and the second is aesthetics. The quality and aesthetics go hand in hand to build a remarkable brand personality. One of the best things about these rigid boxes is that they are very easy to make, and the cost is also lower as compared to other customized packaging. There are many ways these boxes can be used, and in this article, I will be sharing with you the best ways to use them. 

Below are some best ways to use gable boxes. 

Best Food Containers

These boxes are the best fit for takeaway meals, especially for fast-food restaurants, gable box packaging can prove to be a smart option. They are easy to carry, and also protect the meal from splitting. In the food industry, many companies offer custom lunch boxes to clients, a gable box can be a perfect lunch box. Food brands are using these boxes in many different ways, for example, some restaurants offer toys to kids in these boxes. The best thing is that they are very cheap as compared with any other custom packaging. 

Some people like to order food at their homes to enjoy the meal of their favorite restaurants in the comfort of their house. Gable boxes are used by the restaurants to deliver food to customers at their homes.

Sweets & Chocolates

Many bakeries started using these elegant boxes to put sweets and chocolates. The sweets look very cool in these boxes that not just a good way to present your products to customers but also help you increase your brand worth because it is a good way of branding your product. Some bakery use gable packing for all products, and some do it on customized orders, for example, if someone wants to personalize the packaging of sweets or cakes then the company can make on-demand boxes for them. If you want to send someone chocolates as a gift then you can ask the bakery for box customization. You may have to pay some extra money for the Custom Rigid boxes, but it will make the appearance of your gift more exciting. 

Customized Gift Boxes

A gift is a gesture for your loved ones, and it is the best way you can express your feelings and innermost emotions to someone. It has always been a tradition to decorate your gifts with adorable things to make it look nice, and this is the best way you can show how much someone matters to you. Gable boxes can be used as gift boxes, some service providers are offering custom gable gift boxes to clients. They are cost-effective, and there would be no struggle opening the gifts. 

You can also make your gable gift box yourself, there are many YouTube videos online that can help you with making the boxes. It is more preferable to get it done by professionals if you want better quality and fewer efforts.  

Event Decorations

We all know how long it takes to arrange any event, especially the decoration part. On occasions like baby showers, birthdays, and anniversaries, you can use custom gable boxes as decorative props for your event. At the baby showers, you can put small gifts for kids in these boxes that you can give to the kids of your guests. So, you can use these boxes to put any sort of complimentary goodies in it. 


No matter for which purpose you are using gable packing, your customers can always reuse them. There are many ways they can use, for example, one can put their accessories, makeup, or stationery items in them. Some boxes are so adorable that you can use them as a showpiece in your room. 


In conclusion, it can be said that the gable boxes are used by businesses in diversified ways. You can actually positively shape the personality of your brand by using these smart boxes. Companies also use them as a tool for advertisement and marketing. You can contact any reliable service provider to order your custom boxes, and do branding your product through these boxes. At The Claws Custom Boxes , we offer businesses with custom printed box Wholesale with logo and custom packaging solutions.