6 Awesome Compilers of JavaScript Used Currently


The global coding platforms are oversaturated with IDEs and compilers for basically every programming language available under the sun. 

This makes the process of picking the best from an ocean of compilers a hefty and highly difficult task.This is why we are here to help you find some of the best javascript compilers. 

A tip for people who are new to Java: “You can simply select a set of developer options using the Java code compilers and your program will be created for you in no time”. 

You will also have the liberty to track the process of coding and the operations of the CPU alongside running the program. And, if you are feeling a little competitive, you can also participate in global level coding competitions organised by the IDEs. 

 Currently Used Javascript Compilers

Considering the competitive market for Integrated Development Environment also commonly known as IDE, we have compiled a list of some of the top notch compilers for Java programmers:

Coding Ninjas 

With automated software visualizations and intensive software comprehensibility, Coding Ninjas Javascript Compiler is a completely platform-independent lightweight compiler which is readily available online. 

Although the IDE is based on facilitating program compilation and code development for the Java developers, Coding Ninjas also provides control structure for the other programming languages such as VHDL, HTML, C++ amongst many others. 

The most useful and extensive feature of Coding Ninjas is the debugger which helps you examine the code every step of the way. 


Looking for learning the Java programming language in a fun and comprehensive manner? Greenfoot is your pal. From real-time discussions to facilitating interactive sessions with worldwide programmers there’s nothing more you can ask for. 

If gaming is up your alley and you would like to test the waters for development integrated 2D gaming simulations, Greenfoot is the best beginner friendly compiler to test your skills. 

Along with the elaborate benefits mentioned above we also have a few regular yet important tools such as smart code completion and automated syntax highlighting. 

Android Studio

Associated with the top tech giant in the world, Android Studio is an open source IDE that has been specifically curated for Google’s Android Operating System. 

Loosely based on the characteristics of JetBrains and IntelliJ IDEA, the Android Studio is compatible for installation in all the operating systems available under the sun. 

What’s new about this IDE? Well,  we have to look no further than the Real-time profilers feature. Track the CPU statistics while developing your code alongside to stay updated on the brief. 


Rationally developed by the BlueJ global team, this IDE is the perfect example for an open source lightweight compiler with unlimited customization and programming tools. 

The user interface for BlueJ has been curated to house the ideas and programs of budding programmers and make their projects come into fruition. 

It runs based on the JDL compiler and you will find some of the most creative and innovative scope coloring, code pad and object bench options built-in the compiler itself. 


Evaluating programs and codes written by relatively new programmers has just been made easier. DrJava is the one stop solution for learning and growing amongst a vast community of global developers and programmers. 

This IDE has made it extremely easier for the teachers to teach the codes presented by their students and also provide potentially valuable feedback. 

The feature for debugging in-built in the IDE, allows you to resume and suspend the debugging mechanisms as per your requirements. 


The brainchild of the Oracle Corporation, JDeveloper is a free to use open source IDE with comprehensive and optimal features. From debugging to syntax highlighting, your tasks have been fully automated by the compiler. 

It offers coding and programming platforms for a plethora of different programming languages apart from Java such as SQL, HTML, BPEL amongst many others. 

One of the best features of the JDeveloper is that the programmers can control the attributes of program development from the beginning till the end when they are coding using the Java programming language. 

If you would like to strengthen your foothold in Java, we would suggest you try out all the IDEs and compilers mentioned above to learn and figure out your flexibility. 

Other than that as discussed in the intro, let us check out some of the free to use online python compilers and we will try to explain why they are at the top. 

Best Online Python Compilers

Here’s a well researched list of our favorite picks from the online python compilers that are available:


Starting from the base level, Python.org is the main website for Python which is definitely the best open source online python compiler you can find out there. 

The best bit about the online compiler is that the users are not necessarily required to maintain a web interface or log in profile in order to access the coding platform. 

Coding Ninjas CodeStudio

Supporting more than 50 programming languages, their Python Compiler is definitely the best option for sharing running and writing programs in a simulated environment. 

The excellent coding speed facilitated by the compiler is owed to the powerful cloud servers that allows you to scale the constructional syntaxes for your programs. 

Lastly, we have also tried to incorporate a few online python compilers to which are the best in the game till date. 

Winding Up

Programmers will attest to the fact that Python and Java are definitely ranked at top when it comes to development and programming. 

The JavaScript compilers and the online python compilers mentioned in the blog will vastly broaden your skills and knowledge and help you attain professional level in coding. 

Since they are easily available online and you are not required to download multiple software, make sure to test out each of them to figure out what works best for you.