6 Secrets to Improve TP Link WiFi Extender Network Speed

Have you purchased the latest TP Link RE700X WiFi extender? Congratulations! Now, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to the internet. Unfortunately, there are certain issues that impact the performance of this amazing networking device. One of them being slow network speed which has an impact on how smoothly you enjoy an online browsing session. Don’t worry, the information here will help you resolve the issue.

First, let us check out the reasons why you are facing issues with TP Link WiFi extender network speed.

Reasons for Slow WiFi

Given below are 3 primary reasons you might face issues with WiFi extender speed:

1. Placement

Have you kept the TP Link RE700X on the ground? Are there certain devices like televisions, radios, baby monitors, cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices near it? These devices emit electromagnetic waves that interfere with the WiFi signals broadcasted by the extender.

2. Outdated Firmware

An older firmware version on the TP Link RE700X WiFi extender will impact its network speed. It not only impacts the extender’s WiFi speed but also makes it vulnerable to cyber attacks.

3. Too Many Devices

Are there too many WiFi-enabled devices in your home or office? If there are multiple devices accessing the internet through the same network, this causes network congestion. Inevidently it will have an impact on the TP Link RE700X network speed.

These were the primary reasons why the TP Link RE700X might suffer from slow network speed.

Now, let us take a look at how you can improve the network speed of this TP Link networking device.

Tips to Improve TP Link RE700X Network Speed

Given below are 6 tips to improve TP Link RE700X network speed:

1. Choose the Right Spot

The right placement can improve the TP Link RE700X WiFi extender network speed. Mark all the areas in your home or office that are “WiFi dead zones”. Connect it to a power outlet which is in proximity to these areas. This will help you get better network speeds when accessing internet through this device. Once you select the right spot to keep the device, access http://tplinkrepeater.net to set it up.

2. Remove Barriers

To improve TP Link RE700X network speed, you have to keep it at a safe distance from devices emitting electromagnetic waves. Keep it away from mirrors and metal surfaces as these also reflect the WiFi signals broadcasted by the device. Also, do not ever keep the device inside a cabinet or on the ground.

3. Use the Device Application

You can use the TP Link RE700X WiFi range extender’s mobile application to find the right position. It is an effective TP Link troubleshooting tip that can help you take care of network speed issue.

4. Use 5 Ghz

Yes! The 2.4 Ghz frequency can easily pass through concrete walls and other solid objects. Unfortunately, it is the same frequency on which many other electronic devices also operate. Thus, using your TP Link RE700X on this frequency would not yield positive results. Switch to using the device on 5 Ghz bandwidth as it offers a stable network speed.

5. Update the Firmware

Using the TP Link RE700X with an updated firmware does have certain perks. One, you can keep the device away from unauthorized access. Second, you can enjoy internet access without having to worry about poor network speed. You can use the TP Link app to check for the latest firmware updates.

6. Limit Internet Access

Network speeds get affected by the number of devices accessing the internet through the same network. You should open the TP Link RE700X admin settings to set a limit on the number of devices that can access the internet using the device’s network.

These tips will help you take care of the network speed issue and access internet using the TP Link WiFi extender without any hiccups.


The TP Link RE700X is a powerful WiFi range extender. But, should you face any issues with its network speed, then follow the TP Link troubleshooting tips mentioned above.


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