6 Style Hacks to Get Designer Interiors

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Designer interiors may seem out of reach for the average homeowner. While professional decorators and interior designers might be used to working with high-end materials and cutting edge styles, anyone can create a designer look by following these six tips:

Follow a colour scheme

Colour is the most important element for a stylish interior. Pick a colour scheme carefully choosing the most trending colours according to your style taste. Follow Pinterest boards and look up online to come up with some excellent ideas. You can go with a minimalistic colour palette or add multiple colours to your scheme. But make sure that the colours you choose go well together and are aesthetically pleasing.

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Add different textures up on your walls

Textures have become the most important element of every designer interior. Different types of textures add interest to your space and help make it appeal to your senses more. Play with different types of materials and take professional guidance to come up with stunning designs. Choose metallic textures for a luxury effect. On the other hand, rugged natural textures can give a more comforting, homely feel.

Showcase art with prints and colours

Modern interior design is all about bold prints. Add prints on your walls with designer stencil art. Using stencils is one of the most convenient ways to add design to your walls. There are thousands of designs, colours, and prints to play with. You can also add prints to your walls by hanging up your favourite artworks and frames.

Experiment with wallpapers

Wallpapers are the fastest way to renovate your walls completely. There are a ton of colours and prints available in the market. Wallpapers are also very easy to apply and remove with modern technology. You can use wallpapers for your accent walls and highlight niche areas of your home. Make it more cheerful with some modern designs.

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Invest in sophisticated lighting

Lights are the most important factor to consider when designing a home. They can make small spaces look larger and enhance the overall appearance of the room. Add layered lighting to give a dynamic structure and highlight every portion of your decor. The placement of windows and mirrors can also make a huge difference.

Add natural elements to your decor

By natural elements, we mean, you can add planters, flower pots, and other natural home decor elements. This will not only enhance the spiritual aspect of your space but also add to the overall beauty of your home.

Achieving the perfect designer look doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. In fact, you can achieve it by taking advantage of your home’s existing design elements and adding just a few key pieces, like wallpaper and lighting.

These style hacks are bound to give a classy and edgy look to your space. But do take the time to understand your own unique style and present it in your interiors.a