7 Tips to Sell Smarter with a Pre-Listing Inspection

The benefit of a pre-listing inspection is often disregarded by real estate brokers and their sellers in a hot real estate market with little inventory generating many bids. The real estate market is beginning to balance, according to Pre-Listing Home Inspections. According to the findings, vendors may be leaving money on the table.

Here is how you can do it-

  1. “Head In The Sand” Approach Never Works

While it may appear that displaying a property’s problems while selling is a terrible idea, the reality is that any serious buyer will do an inspection and identify them.

  1. Obtain A Greater Price

In the same way that a pre-certified used automobile drives a higher sales price, a home with a pre-listing inspection does. The inspection report can help you justify your asking price. Furthermore, data suggest that for every single repair required, a buyer will ask for extra to account for unexpected costs.

  1.  Sell More Quickly

Repair negotiations and work can cause a contract to be extended and, in certain cases, derailed. This means that the house will be put back on the market, and the momentum will be lost. Homes that have been on the market for a longer period sell for a lower proportion of the asking price.

  1. Set Yourself Distinct From The Crowd

Buyers are more confident in a house that has been inspected previously. It demonstrates the seller’s good faith that there are no hidden issues and gives the impression that the property has been adequately maintained. 

In addition to the entire report, the inspector will often provide the seller with a summary that highlights good aspects of the home and the quality of its maintenance.

  1. Ensure That The Home’s Condition Is Assessed By A Reputable Professional

Even if the buyer hires a less competent inspector, the inspector will be held accountable for the results of the pre-listing inspection report.

  1. Do Not Engage In Post-Contract Negotiations

Any negotiations that take place after the contract has been signed will never be to the seller’s advantage. While the buyer has the option of ordering their section, the reports for the principal systems and components of the house should be identical.

  1. Be In Charge of The Repairs

By being in charge of the repair process rather than having to make repairs within the rushed limitations of the contract, the seller can save time, frustration, and money.We are working hard to make the sale of your house. If you are wishing to sell your house at a good price, schedule an appointment with Home Inspector in Ottawa to take the next step in achieving top cash for your house. We will always help you in every way possible so that you don’t have to worry about selling your house. We are just a call away. Call now!

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