A Brief Guide to Professional PRO Service In the UAE

A Public Relations Officer or PRO serves to establish channels of communication with government authorities for the sake of businesses, which ensures positive relationships benefiting firms. They concentrate on clearance of legal documents, updating organizations with terms of renewal, and alterations in government policy. They also finish administrative tasks regarding various government departments.

Newly set up companies, established firms, and corporations need professional assistance prior to beginning and maintaining UAE operations. Such companies hire professional PRO service to render their costs of operation from soaring outside of control. PROs serve as government liaison agents to aid companies in dealing with hassles in procedures of various government departments through fast-tracking clearance of documents and keeping the clients up to date at all steps.

The business landscape of the UAE is full of opportunities, diverse, and competitive. However, it is also full of regulations and red tape from a legal point of view. This is where the PRO comes in. The PRO is a need for every company. He is responsible for processing official paperwork, such as applications and renewals of visas, labour cards, company licenses, etc.

Benefits Of PRO

  • Transparency 

PRO’s offer clear and transparent services. They offer all copies and receipts of charges by the government and additional expenses with bills to support them.

  • Hassle-free

The PRO will provide smooth operations of documents for approvals and other objectives. He will offer all services, from picking up documents to delivering cleared documents. One is saved of any effort on one’s part.

  • Save money and time

There are plenty of hassles in gaining paperwork and government approvals. As such, one can save money and much time. One need not wait in queues before government departments.

  • Smooth functioning

One may not be specialised in replying, coordinating, and complying with the host country’s dynamic business policies and laws. One might also be vulnerable to fines and delays, and a PRO helps with these.

What Are PRO Services?

There has been a fast development and consistent change in the business landscape of Dubai. The individual entrepreneur and business enterprises have to deal with many government departments and judicial officials of Dubai. The best PRO services in Dubai will help one through all the needs stipulated by the authorities.

Some of the departments in Dubai assisted by PRO are the Dubai Economic Chambers, Department of Economic Development, Trade and Chamber of Commerce, and many immigration departments, Dubai ministries, etc.

The government of Dubai has been making up the effort to make document clearance services and commercial obligations more user-friendly. Since this is a foreign country, changing currencies, knowledge of regulations & rules, getting documents translated into Arabic, and other such challenges may be tough to do on one’s own. This is where the support of a PRO becomes important.

Need For PRO

Following are some functions that indicate the requirement for PRO services in the UAE:

  • They are required to update and advise the company about payments, licensing, permits and registration.
  • They ensure compliance with legal structures, judicial systems, and several government agencies which must approve of the company and its commercial activities.
  • They are required to appear before local authorities and secure the business license of the company. They also take care of permit applications and the restoration of relevant licenses.
  • They serve the needs of the Immigration and Labour Department by processing and accepting relevant documents.
  • They gain labour approval, labour card, employment visa, labour contract, entry permit, residence visa, and work visa for various services of document clearance in Dubai.
  • They cater to the needs of the building and retaining an excellent working relationship with national and local government offices.
  • They ensure that the business is totally aware and apprised in a timely fashion about all protocols and instructions of the government.
  • They maintain the authorized stamps of the company, certified government letters and official government letters.

Why To Outsource PRO Services?

  • Contributes expertise and experience

Compare PRO services to building a house. One cannot handle all details of one’s own. So, it is likely that one will hire a project manager who will deal with prioritizing work, multiple tradespeople, schedules, and budgets. Project managers may also have to handle legal affairs. This involves conducting planning permission, arranging periods of consultation, liaising with government inspectors, and dealing with lawyers. In the realm of doing business in the UAE, one needs a PRO who will serve all such functions for the business. They can help in practical duties like notarizing legal documents, opening bank accounts for the company, etc.

  • Saves time

Saving time is simply not an issue of delegating and hoping for the best. By gaining professional PRO services from experts, one is also purchasing their expertise. It is quite time-consuming to navigate the legal processes of Dubai. It comes down to deciding whether one will handle all the dreary paperwork on one’s own or hiring professionals who are already experts and can begin instantly.

By outsourcing PRO services for all one’ government’s administrative paperwork can help save much time of going back and forth on what’s required. Going through these processes successfully numerous times implies that they will know how to get fast results.

  • Saves money

One can save money in two ways: firstly, one will save lengthy weights and complicated procedures that will save one precious business hours. Secondly, it will help one avoid legal penalties on any count. For instance, recently, the UAE government imposed severe penalties for violating tax laws. Examples are running a business lacking a license (AED 5000) and a hefty AED 20,000 for submission of false information to the Department of Economic Development. Though one might not intentionally want to break laws but being busy, one might neglect any laws or regulations.

  • Frees from hassles

The services of a PRO company can get rid of other aggravations by offering services that resemble concierge services. This implies that they will collect documents, monitor their clearance by government departments, and deliver them back. They will keep clients updated on all relevant details and retain a record of documentation of the company.

In sum, when one wants to focus on one’s business growth, it is good to outsource PRO services to experienced professionals. The professional PRO Service can deal with a complete swathe of intricate and time-consuming processes. One can rest assured that business is being carried on a sound legal footing.


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