A Locksmith Program A Key Fob & How Much Do A Key Fob Cost?

A key fob for your car can add more convenience to your life and make your car ownership experience hassle-free. A modern key fob for a car may come with features including alarms and remote start that are quite exciting as well. However, the key fobs are unique to a car, which means that the same fob won’t work for any other car. A key fob requires professional programming that a licensed Midwest locksmith service provider can offer you.

Why Do You Need a Key Fob?

All aware and informed car owners have a separate key fob. You can have an extra fob for your car to ensure that you are not stuck when the key to the car is lost. You may find that the cost of getting a programmed key fob is much less than what it may cost you if you get stuck and cannot get into the car in the requisite time. 

Professional Locksmith Services for Reprogramming a Key Fob

An expert and qualified Oklahoma City locksmith service provider can not only provide you with a new key fob but also reprogram an existing fob. The services may be useful when you lose your fob and want the old fob to be reprogrammed. The locksmith will have for you generic key fobs as well that are much more affordable. However, there can be distinct kinds of fob styles for different vehicles.

Sometimes a key fob may get damaged or stop working due to its age. Many of the malfunctioning key fobs can be reprogrammed, fixed, and used again. Reprogramming of a key fob may also be required when the battery of the fob is dead. First, a new battery is installed in the key fob. Subsequently it is reprogrammed for further use.

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Affordable Locksmith Services for Key Fobs

Many people avoid reaching out to their car dealerships as they charge a high amount for key fobs. The replacement fobs may have a price going up to hundreds of dollars. You can get your existing fob reprogrammed via expert and professional locksmiths and prevent unnecessary expenditures. The cost of reprogramming a laser-cut key fob of a car may vary between $ 170 and $ 230. Programming a smart key fob may take somewhere between $ 250 and $ 500 as these are the most complex key fobs. The switchblade key fobs must be replaced and the cost for it may vary between $ 200 and $300.The price of reprogramming may depend on the type of fob, the brand of vehicle, as well as the vehicle model.

  • Fob type: if the key fob has new features including keyless ignition, RFID/transponder, and others it will be more costly to reprogram.
  • Brand of the Vehicle: some car manufacturers make more complex key fobs that cannot be reprogrammed easily.
  • Model of Vehicle: some car models may have more complex key fobs as well when compared to their other less-pricier counterparts.


A leading and expert Midwest City locksmith service provider will specialize in key fobs, smart keys, and automotive locks, apart from offering general locksmith services. When you want to save money, you can reach out to locksmith services to reprogram your existing car key fob. The locksmith services are available just through a call at any time of the day and offer you complete peace of mind.

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