The popularity of nail art began in the early 1980s when women did their nails at home while their significant others were at work. Today, it has become one of the most sought-after trends amongst youngsters and the older demographic. It is a form of art considered freedom of expression for many individuals. In 2022, artwork on nails breaks barriers and the social construct of the past by being gender-fluid. Everybody must try painting their nails or using cute stickers to elevate an outfit and feel youthful again. Thanks to the internet, nail supplies online are available at an affordable price, making them accessible to everyone. 

Many beauty bloggers and social media personalities have promoted this art to their communities. The steady rise in the number of nail-art enthusiasts has, in turn, increased the demand for products like nail polish, base and top coats, stickers and much more. Over a hundred types of supplies are available in the market, leading to over a thousand nail-art combinations! There are many exciting holographic top coats, peel-off base coats, and neon colour paints to experiment with that will require a lifetime.

Nail art essentials every enthusiast must-have for stunning nails:

Apart from the general colourful nail paints and sponges, the following are a few quirky yet, functional items that will help elevate the art to another level:

  • Base coat and Peel-off base coat: Earlier than the 2000s, the concept of the base coat was foreign to most people. Today, over a thousand bottles of clear base coat nail polish are bought with other nail supplies online every day by consumers worldwide. The base coat is a transparent nail polish that dries quickly. Post drying, it creates a slightly sticky surface to allow the colour nail paint to stick onto it with ease. It improves the longevity of nail art by 50%. A peel-off base coat is similar to a regular base coat, with the only difference being the nail polish can be peeled off the nail conveniently without having to use a remover. The peel-off coat has 20-30% Polyacrylate, 0.5-5% anti-seal agent, 8-18% Plasticizer, and 70% solvent, creating the peeling property.
  • Corrector pen: Making complicated nail art like a gradient or spiral design is not easy. There are several steps involved in creating one piece of art, layering multiple colours, adding vinyl stickers to create outlines, dabbing the paint on with a sponge, and more. There are instances where the polish can get on the skin around the nail, making a mess. It becomes difficult to quickly use a Q-tip and dip it in acetone to clean the edges. In the meantime, the nail polish would have dried and become impossible to clean with precision. A correction pen is one such tool that makes clean-up convenient and quick. It allows the individual to salvage their art in time and clean around the nail edges with its precise tip design.
  • String tape: Painting intricate patterns like stripes or criss-cross lines can be tricky with a simple paintbrush. There could be chances of the nail polish layer underneath the lines getting smudged, ruining all the effort. Instead of going through the hassle, investing in string tape will save plenty of time and effort. It is a roll of thin metallic tape that glides on easily over the nail and can be swiftly removed once dried. These tapes can also be used as nail art stickers! They are available in several metallic colours like pink, blue, gold and silver.

Shehroz Hassan

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