All About Express Entry Program In Canada

All About Express Entry Program In Canada

The express entry program is nothing but an immigration application system that provides a pathway toward permanent residency for proficient immigrants in Canada or overseas. The results of this program come around six months or so. The express entry Canada immigration program is based on specific points that will ensure immigration for professionals who want to settle in Canada. Permanent residency in Canada gets awarded to the immigrants based on particular attributes like skills, work experience, employment, etc. The chances of being selected for the program increase with the increase in the points secured by the applicant. 

Details about the Express Entry Program in Canada

As stated earlier, the express entry Canada immigration program selection is based on points. The main reason why this system is followed is to determine the potential of the immigrants who can be an asset to Canada after they get a permanent residency. These are the following criteria for eligibility:

  • Age of the applicant
  • The highest level of education pursued by the applicant 
  • The proficiency in the language of the applicant
  • Details about the work experience in Canada
  • Details about the work experience in any other place 
  • Other additional details as and when required

Benefits of the Express Entry Program in Canada

The best part of the express entry Canada immigration program is its transparency. The applicants have prior knowledge about the CRS points that are mandatory to score to be eligible for the invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Applicants will learn about the median score, a required and mandatory score to qualify for the invitation to apply program. There are circumstances when the candidate might not be able to meet the median score. It is when the Alberta PNP program comes to the rescue. This PNP program will do its best to help an applicant improve language skills, gain extra work experience, and perfect various other aspects.  

Are There Any Better Prospects for Immigrants? 

Young applicants who have pursued a higher level of education, are skilled at either English or French or both, or someone with experience in Canada has the unlimited potential to obtain a higher CRS score and get selected for the express entry program in Canada. Some candidates might somehow manage to get a provincial nomination, and in such cases, 600 additional points are awarded to the candidate. Even those candidates with a job offer from Canada or who have siblings permanently residing there can secure extra points. 

Essential Steps You Need to Follow to Apply for the Express Entry Program in Canada

Step 1: Get your educational credential assessments completed. If you have not completed your education in Canada, you should have your educational credential assessments conducted to ensure that the education you have pursued is equivalent to the Canadian Education system. 

Step 2: All the language eligibility tests should be completed.

Step 3: Create your Express Entry profile inclusive of your age, work experience, language proficiency, education, etc. 

Step 4: Calculate your comprehensive system ranking score after your profile makes it into the entry pool. 

Step 5: Receive your invitation to apply to the Canadian Government if your profile gets selected for the express entry program in Canada. After that, you can start the procedure for your PR visa.  

The Points Calculator for the Express Entry Program in Canada

You need to secure 67 points out of a hundred to be eligible. Here are the enlisted criteria for the express entry program. 

  1. People between eighteen and thirty-five will get the maximum points, and those above thirty-five years will earn fewer points. 
  2. The more levels of education you have secured, the higher your chances of getting maximum points. But the minimum educational qualification in Canada is higher secondary level. 
  3. The contender should have worked in Canada for at least one year. Naturally, you’ll get more points if you have worked for more years. 
  4. A candidate must score six bands in the IELTS exam; again, the higher your score, the higher your points will be. 
  5. You can secure the maximum points if your close family resides in Canada. Also, you can ensure more points if your spouse is willing to migrate with you. 
  6. You will be awarded ten points if you already have a valid job offer. 


These were all the details you had to know about the express entry Canada immigration program. If everything goes well, you’ll get your ITA, the invitation to apply. After that, within 90 days, you will have to submit your complete application, failing which your application will be null and void. The documents include language test results, birth certificates, degree certificates, documents to prove your work experience, medical certificate, police clearance certificate, and photos. Alberta PNP program is always willing to guide you through all these steps.