All-On-4 Treatment: Why is it amazing for oral health?


People today are looking for a convenient method to perfect their smiles through dental treatments. The All-On-4 Treatment is a great option when you are missing several teeth. A traditional denture is a challenging method that needs courage to go through. 

Tooth loss can happen due to various causes that lead to eating and speaking issues. Moreover, leaving the gaps unfilled will negatively affect your oral health. Earlier dentures have been a solution, but many people found it embarrassing. This was when All-On-4 treatment came into action. 

What is an All-On-4 Dental treatment?

It is also known as a full-arch implant consisting of titanium implant posts inserted in the jawbone at proper intervals. The main purpose is to restore the functionality of your bit and bring the beautiful appearance of your smile. 

The Dental Implant NSW might use sedation for this treatment to make it comforting and effortless. It begins with taking digital scans of the jaw and teeth to determine the placement. A professional dentist will make an arch by removing broken or damaged teeth and infected tissue. 

After this, they will incite the gum tissue to reach the jawbone and drill a small hole to screw in the implant. The posts are set at a perfect angle to enhance stability and decrease tension on bone during chewing and biting. 

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Situations in which you should opt for All-On-$ treatment:

  • If you have lost or damaged your teeth in the dental arch 
  • If you have hum diseases that restrict you from getting conventional implants 
  • In case you have some jawbone loss 
  • In case you have suffered from damage to jaw muscles or dental trauma 

Why choose All-On-4 treatment for your dental implants?

  1. Smile for Lifetime 

Dental implants provide you with great durability. The implants are integrated under the bone, making them a part of the mouth. If you take proper care of all-on-4 implants, they will last a lifetime. 

  1. Jawbone preservation

When you miss a tooth, the chewing stimulation will stop the jawbone, and dentures do not offer natural teeth stimulation. The united dental clinic provides healthier bone stress and encourages them to grow.

  1. Stronger and Stable 

The traditional dentures have a possibility of slipping from their position during speaking, laughing or chewing. As All-On-4 treatments are placed into the jawbone, they achieve strength and stability of the natural tooth. This gives you comfort and carries the daily jobs smoothly. 

  1. No restrictions in eating 

When you replace the teeth with the all-on-4 treatment, you can enjoy munching your favourite food. While in case of dentures, you need to avoid hard, crunchy, or chewing food items. 

  1. Easier to maintain

As in this case, the implants are joined to the jawbone, and you do not have to struggle to remove them for cleaning or sleeping. If you have dentures, you need to remove them and soak them in a special solution. Also, before you wear them back, you need to have clean gums, tongue, and mouth. While in case of implants, you require brushing, floss, and visit the dental clinic Sydney for a check-up regularly. 

  1. Natural Look and Feel

This implant ensures healing and functioning like natural teeth. They will preserve the jawbone and maintain the facial structures that prevent premature ageing and facial sagging. 

  1. Instant Results

Instead of getting one implant at the moment, with the all-on-4 treatment, you leave the clinic with a healthier and fully functional set of teeth. It has a faster recovery and healing process. 

  1. Better Bones

Many dentures will lead to bone loss due to improper care or treatment. There are chances that the jawbone is not being stimulated in the same method when performing any natural teeth activity. While with all-on-4 treatment, the chewing process helps to strengthen and build the jawbone.

What are the care tips after All-On-4 treatment?

  • Maintain Oral hygiene 

You must avoid direct contact with the surgical sites and use a soft bristle toothbrush. Use water to remove the food particles that may be trapped around your implants. Try brushing your teeth twice daily, floss once, and use an antibacterial mouthwash to maintain good oral health. 

  • Take proper food intakes

Make sure you eat soft food for a few days after the treatment. This means you should not have chewy and hard food items to avoid damaging the implants. 

  • Rest 

Getting proper rest is crucial for the first week after getting the all-on-4 treatment as the body repairs in the rested state. Do not indulge in exercise and other physical activities in this period. 

  • Use hot or ice packs 

You might get inflammation as a side effect that can be handled with hot or cold compresses. It must be applied to the side of the face at a 15 minutes interval. Once you reduce the inflammation, it will speed up the recovery process. 

The Final Call!

Before making the final decision, consult with a proper dentist with the right knowledge and experience. As all-on-4 treatment is a life-enhancing solution and needs to be done with the right procedure. They will restore the smile and confidence that lasts for a lifetime if proper care is taken.

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