All you need to know about Bunk hotel in Utrecht

So, I recently decided to travel solo in a hassle-free manner. It’s more like self-exploring and quality me-time, but at the same time, I wanted it to be fun, learn about a new culture, eat various delicacies, and enjoy every minute of the trip to its fullest.

I have travelled in many ways, from long car drives to long flights, and I have invested a lot more time in planning on where to stay because it wasn’t me alone. Usually, the trips would consist of my family, so I never had the chance to plan it on my terms. All this time, I just wanted to do it all by myself by enjoying a solo trip, saving extra money, and having more fun.

So why this blog?

While chalking out this plan, I realised that many youngsters want a trip like this but are probably searching and shortlisting every time they plan for a trip is exhausting. Hence, this blog will help you shortlist the best hotels in the heart of the Netherlands. I am a person who believes in all sorts of fun, be it luxurious or saving money and living the high life, as it gives a broader view of life. I hope this blog helps find your answer easily.

What hotel did I stay at? Guess game, can you tell the name?

I headed for Utrecht, Netherlands, a remarkable city to visit as most of us know it has pure bliss of canals, architecture and of course Dom tower. I did check for hotels in the Netherlands or hotels in Utrecht, and I ended up staying at a monumental church that has been re-designed to meet the standards of today’s travellers and engaged locals. It has its own history, dating back over a century. The name of this beautifully redesigned church to a creative hotel is Bunk Hotel. It honours the church’s history by having erected an open-air monument to commemorate the bombing and rebuilt a library that welcomes guests from near and far.

A beautifully redesigned church to a beautiful hotel

Yes, it is a bunk hotel, which is a former church, and all the more reason to stay here. It is positively beautiful, welcoming throughout, and has calming vibrations in its aura. One can make out by visiting the hotel itself that the founder did not remove an inch of the place from what it was, but rather made it all the more interesting. It is situated on Catharijnekade 9 in the city centre of Utrecht, just five minutes away from Utrecht Central Train Station and the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall on foot. Looking for a fun and affordable place to stay in the heart of Utrecht? Bunk Hotels have got you covered.

Welcoming front to socializing hunt

The grand entry to the BUNK is enthralling in its way; the wooden panel’s view and aroma of food and drinks fills one to the core of their soul, as it did to mine; I expect the same happens to others too!

On the left, there is a bar offering the most refreshing drinks, and while the hallway is so vast and chirpy with localities, we get to connect with the travellers or the people from the locality. There are communal spaces for socialising: all cosy and comfy.

Bunk room or bunk pod, the choice is all yours

We prefer options usually for what is available and so is with BUNK hotel in Utrecht, they offer Bunk Rooms as well as Bunk Pods either way it is so mesmerizing to be in one of them as it is an experience to go for, I bet. Now one might think that pods might be too visible, with no privacy or space. Well, that’s when they surprise you with their exclusivity. The pods are a bit spacious, allowing each person to keep their itsy-bitsy stuff. There are charging sockets in each, and crisp bed sheets to hop on after a beautiful day spent. There is a black curtain provided for each pod for blacking out the view and having some time all by themselves. Moreover, all the guests are cooperative and respectful towards one another, so it doesn’t feel like being in a hostel bunk, just as they say, a luxurious hotel-like experience at the price of hostel stays.

Eat and chill.

From the traditional menu to international dishes, they have got us covered. Open your laptop or have a nice chit-chat; it is a perfect place to hang out. They also organise cultural events with the Liberals Foundation or artists-in-residence. It is by far the most beautiful hot to be in, apart from the soothing canals and the beauty of nature. It covers the most crucial point, “Do you have Wi-Fi here?” by answering this with a big “YES!” They provide full-speed Wi-Fi, but unbelievably, one would use it when off to bed because there is no way to miss this one heavenly experience. The best hotel in the Netherlands, or the best hotel in Utrecht, is the Bunk Hotel Utrecht.

Lively and happiest one of all the solo trips. I’ll pass the turn to you. 


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