App for medicine free home delivery

Many people opt for an app for ordering medicines because of the convenient home delivery. Medicine free home delivery is one of the crucial reasons for the popularity of online apps. 

App for ordering medicines is better than local store because:

  • Buying medicines from a local store is an exhausting job. You have to leave your comfort spot and spare at least an hour to order medicines. The app for ordering medicines doesn’t require you to move your legs. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes to order medicines on the app. So, you don’t have to spare an hour from your work to buy medicines.
  • Executives follow every safety protocol during delivery and deliver medicines at the doorstep to avoid contact safely and sanitized. Thus, make sure that you are safe during covid. The local pharmacy doesn’t bother about your safety and sells medicines to its customers without any precautions. 

This is why a medicine free home delivery app is better than your local stores. But, among numerous apps for medicine free home delivery in India, choosing a single app is difficult.

And if you are thinking, which app is better for ordering and delivering medicines, you have come to the right place.

Truemeds is India’s app for ordering medicines that are of great quality and are affordable. This convenient app guarantees to reduce the cost of medicines by up to 72% and supplies medicines from the top 30 medicine makers. 

Why is Truemeds’ app for ordering medicines great for home delivery?

A single purchase of medicines usually costs more than 500 rupees. This makes it unaffordable for everyone as they cannot buy a lot of medicines. Truemeds makes sure that you buy cost-effective medicines from the app, thus offers a discount of up to 72% 24*7 and various promo codes, rewards, and coupons on every occasion. This helps you to buy many medicines under the amount of rupees 500, which is not the case with every app. They even provide medicine free home delivery to everyone for the minimum purchase of Rs 500 on medicines. Thus, it is a great app for you to buy medicines. 

Truemeds is great for delivering medicines anywhere and everywhere. The app for ordering medicines conveniently delivers your medicines within 48-72 hours of ordering.

The app makes sure that the delivered medicines are shipping and delivering according to its estimation. It even provides a tracking order I’d for you to track your parcel at any time.

Even on the day of delivery, Truemeds informs you through a message for the upcoming package. 

During shipping and delivering medicines, medicines are thoroughly checked to avoid any damage to the order. The packed order is even sanitized time-to-time during covid times to ensure protection against the infection. 

Executives of Truemeds ensure safety by delivering the package to your doorstep with no direct contact whatsoever. The executives wear masks and sanitize themselves at all times. 

If you have opted for cash-on-delivery for convenience, you can pay easily through your phone after the delivery. 

For more information on the home delivery of medicines, contact the reliable customer service of Truemeds.


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