Are Face Moisturizers Worth It in the Winter Season?

Do snowy and cold mornings make it tough for you to get out of bed? Welcome to the winter season, the season of dry winds, chilly mornings, and lazy afternoons. Winter brings you home to warmth like no other, but you should be extra careful about the skin care regimen you should follow. This is where knowing the perfect face moisturizer for your skin could come in handy. We hope you know that your facial skin is far more delicate than the skin on your body, and that’s why it would need extra care and attention. 

Here is a tip. It would help if you went with a product that addresses your skin’s requirements for nutrition, especially that for adequate moisturization. You should go with a product that comes free of harmful chemicals and toxins and is well suited for your skin type.

Before you pick the best skincare essential for yourself, there may be several questions that you may be seeking direct answers to. But what is a face moisturizer? Why is it needed? What checkpoints need to be considered before picking the right one? These are some of the most basic questions that you need to find answers to as you go shopping for any skincare product. 

We are offering those answers below: 

What is a Face Moisturizer?

A face moisturizer is an essential element of one’s skincare routine. It is applied topically to lock in moisture and promote an even skin tone. Its regular application after a face wash keeps your skin nourished and healthier.

This gentle skincare product also prevents the skin from drying up or becoming flaky. Regular use may also prevent irritation from giving you a younger, fresher, and youthful appearance. 

Many people sometimes confuse it with a face mask because of its skin protection qualities. So, let’s clear these misconceptions below:

How is a face moisturizer different from a face mask?

While we just mentioned what a face moisturizer is, a face mask is another essential skincare that many have said to be vital. It gives glowing skin in minutes, cleanses your skin of impurities, and helps lock in moisture within the skin cells, thus giving you a nice combination result that came from using a face cleanser and moisturizer at once.

Mamaearth brings you home to various variants like an activated charcoal face mask, tea tree face mask, and many more. In addition, with a bond that lasts forever with nature, it offers many other skincare products that give your skin everything it needs and everything you did not know you needed. Let’s look at some of its variants of face masks closely. 

  1. Activated Charcoal Face Mask

Known to give glowing skin, Mamaearth Activated Charcoal Face Mask is enriched with the goodness of Activated Charcoal, Coffee, Kaolin Clay, and Bentonite Clay that give your skin natural nourishment like no other. In addition, charcoal works efficiently in getting rid of excess oil and toxins from your skin. 

Coffee extracts brighten and exfoliate the skin by removing the layer of dead skin cells, making it look clearer. The perfect combination of both the clays helps get rid of acne and pimples and the scars caused by them, giving you glowing skin in return! 

  1. Tea Tree Face Mask

If acne, pimples, and oily skin give you a hard time maintaining an extensive skincare regimen, Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Mask is just the thing for you. Enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Salicylic Acid, this face mask nourishes your skin from the cellular level so you can have a good appearance. 

Tea Tree extracts purify your skin and reduce acne marks and inflammation with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile extracts calm the irritated skin and make it softer and smoother. Aloe Vera extracts soothe your skin, lock moisture, and controls inflammation. Finally, salicylic acid helps unclog pores, reduces acne and blemishes, and helps in giving you clear skin naturally! 

Tip: Other kinds of face masks from Mamaearth include Ubtan Face Mask, Coco Face Mask, Retinol Face Mask, and many more. 

Benefits of Mamaearth Face Moisturizer

A face moisturizer is an important part of your essential skincare routine. With winters, it becomes one of the traditional handy items that you must always have in your vanity, no matter what. Mamaearth has a beautiful range of moisturizers that meet more skincare needs than one. 

Rich in toxin-free ingredients, these top products come with several perks for different types of skin. Here is the list of benefits offered by these gentle and nourishing moisturizers:

  1. They are natural 

Most creams come with a blend of chemicals and synthetic ingredients that help you achieve short-term results. They are harmful to your skin, but sometimes, in this generation where everything moves so fast and change seems to be the only constant, we end up making the wrong choice. 

Mamaearth keeps all such kinds of worries at bay. Its face creams are made of nature-derived ingredients that help nourish your skin naturally and gently. They also enrich your skin with vital nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals to keep your skin glowing at all times. 

  1. They are toxin-free

Harmful ingredients and chemicals often harm your skin in subtle and severe ways. They can cause allergies, rashes, irritation, and many other things. Mamaearth has a beautiful and diverse range of face creams that are free from harmful ingredients like Parabens, Sulfates, SLS, SLES, Silicones, and artificial fragrances, making them safe and effective for regular use. 

  1. They are targeted to meet skincare goals

You may have different skin care goals, and they could vary as per your needs. Mamaearth’s range of skincare products is fairly diverse to meet all of them. For instance, if you are looking for a solution to blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging, Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream is just what you need. 

Similarly, suppose you are looking for a moisturizer that makes your skin bright and naturally radiant and moisturizes your face gently. In that case, Mamaearth Vitamin C Oil-Free Moisturizer is the best solution. It is rich in vitamin C and Gotu Kola extracts to give your skin adequate nourishment and natural radiance. This cream also contains Vitamin E as an ingredient that gently moisturizes the skin cells and creates a natural barrier against dryness. 

Summing up

Winter is the season of extra care and love, make sure your skin gets the perfect face moisturizer to keep it healthy. With Mamaearth, this journey would be a lot more enjoyable. We also recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, and being a little less stressed about life. Happy winter skincare to you!

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