Are the new aluminum cups recyclable?

You may have come across a video advertisement where the famous actor Jason Momoa talks about the aluminum Ball cups. So why do you think we should use aluminum cups instead of good old plastic ones? Well, there are ample of factors that should be taken into consideration before we come to a proper conclusion.

The new Ball aluminum cups can offer a lot of extra benefits apart from the regular ones you receive from the single-use plastic cups. We will discuss all of them one by one. But first, let us discuss one of the core features of aluminum cups, which is recyclable.

Ball aluminum cups truly recyclable?

When it comes to recyclability aluminum is the best material to work with. Because even after tens of thousands of times getting recycled aluminum does not degrade in its quality, nor does the product made from the metal gets affected in any way. The metal and the product made out of aluminum remains as if it is completely new.

Moreover, if we go by statistics, the metal is far more superior than other recyclable materials such as glass and plastics. Aluminum can be recycled and released back into the market for practical use within 60 days, whereas other materials take more time. Glass is hard to handle after recycling and takes more time to be ready for commercial use.

Plastic, on the other hand, degrades over time with every single-use, which means the same product cannot be created with the recycled plastic. Even if we use recycled plastic as the material to create the same product, the quality of the product will significantly decrease. So it would be better to not use recycled material (plastic) to manufacture products that would be less in terms of quality.

What about the drinking experience?

You have obviously drunk beverages using the plastic cups, right? Maybe you have also played beer pong with the red single-use plastic cups. But to be honest, aluminum cups can give you a whole new type of drinking experience. The metal can hold the beverage temperature for a longer period of time so that you can enjoy your drinks in a sumptuous manner. And don’t be afraid you can also play beer pong in the same way you used to play in plastic cups.

The aluminum cups are not single-use ones that mean you can wash them after use and reutilize them at parties, functions, special occasions, barbecues, etc. You won’t have to waste money every single time while hosting parties. And don’t worry, the aluminum cups are sturdy enough to resist your firm grip. Also, like paper cups, your drinks won’t start leaking after some time. So you can see in all situations aluminum cups are proving to be more functional than cups that are made out of any other materials like plastic and paper.

If you are very much concerned about the environment, then this is a very good way you can contribute and help the environment, that is by using aluminum cups instead of plastic or paper cups.


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