Best 5 Lead Glasses to Protect From Radiation in 2022

lead glasses

Radiation affects your eyes four times more than other areas of your body. Few doctors wore leaded eyeglasses to shield themselves from x-ray radiation not long ago. With the rise in the prevalence of early-onset cataracts, lead glasses are now required for any surgery requiring the use of x-rays or fluoroscopy.

What are Lead Glasses?

Radiation glasses, often known as leaded glasses, shield your eyes from hazardous rays. Because our eyes are one of the most radiation-sensitive parts of our body, they must be shielded anytime we’re near a machine that emits radiation. Radiographs, Fluoroscopes, X-rays, Irradiators, Electronic Microscopes, and Particle Accelerators are some of the machines that people work with or around. This is why several businesses specialize in producing high-quality leaded prescription safety glasses in fit-over and wraparound forms.

Why should you need lead glasses?

Technology is always growing, and so is the power of radiation devices. There must be a pair of radiation glasses for every new equipment that is invented. Researchers, ophthalmologists, and manufacturers collaborate with machine engineers to design new spectacles and strengths to keep workers safe.

CE1010 clearance is now required for a conventional pair of radiation. This indicates that they should all now be equipped with. Lead equivalent of 75mm If your glasses have side shields, they must be at least.55mm PB lead equivalent. While lead equivalency is critical, the consumer will also consider comfort, style, weight, and fit while looking for glasses online.

Top 5 lead glasses:

We’ve compiled a list of the best leaded safety glasses. These versions all have.75mm lead equivalent and are CE approved. Find a variety of products from the list below.

  • Philips RG-33: The Phillips RG-33 is one of the finest fit-over and value-for-money models on our list, fitting most head sizes fairly well. They are a little thicker, but this just means that they can accommodate a wider range of prescription eyeglasses. Because of its lightweight construction, you can anticipate this pair to be extremely durable and pleasant to wear for extended periods of time.

  • Wiley-X Tide: Any Wiley-X product will give you high-quality glasses and goggles that will last for a long time and provide excellent protection. Wiley-X Tide has perfect hinges and a detachable face cavity cover to keep flying debris like dust, splashes, and wind at bay. This one-of-a-kind frame is one of the few Wiley-X models that have detachable face cavity seal technology, making it popular among hospital personnel and dentists alike.

  • Nike Flip: The Nike Flip is a sleek, transparent frame from Nike that functions more like a pair of regular glasses than radiation glasses. Nike is a well-known brand of radiation glasses, and its frames are of great quality and long-lasting. They suit most head sizes and have stopper hinges to prevent decompression if you need to wear them for lengthy periods of time.

  • Nike Brazen: Because of its exceptional balance, the Nike Brazen is ideal for medical professionals. The Brazen sits snugly on your face and is easy to wear for long periods of time, despite being somewhat heavier than other leaded glasses. This is why surgeons and other professionals who do delicate and time-consuming work use the Brazen. No matter how humid your work environment is, the vented nose bridge helps prevent fog build-up inside the frame, delivering better vision throughout the day.

  • RG-15011-BKC: These glasses give flair as well as protection to the wearer. The rectangular frame has a clean design with powerful lines that will fit a variety of facial types. Because of its width, this frame is better suited to medium to big heads. This frame will not only look good, but it will also safeguard your eyesight from practically any angle due to the built-in side shield protection.

Final thoughts:

There are certain crucial characteristics to look for while looking for radiation protective eyewear. You want them to be adjustable and comfy so that you don’t have to worry about drops damaging your frame or scratching your lenses. Look for frames made of a sturdy substance, such as nylon, and that are the right size for your head. Keep in mind that not all leaded glasses are suitable for every face shape. The majority of frames are designed to accommodate a variety of sizes.