Best Aluminium Doors / Aluminium Folding (Bi Fold) Doors

slide and fold doors

TOSTEM INDIA introduces a range of highly resilient, stunning, and space-saving Aluminium Folding and Bi Fold Doors for contemporary homeowners. Our aluminium folding doors are manufactured using cutting edge Japanese technology to give you the perfect fit and finish. Make it easy to be green with our bi-fold sliding doors made with RAINSCREEN SYSTEM.

Designed to meet various requirements, TOSTEM INDIA’s range of sliding and folding doors offers a one-time investment that will stand the test of time. Made from premium Aluminium Alloy, our doors are exceptionally lightweight, durable, and energy efficient. They allow you to enjoy full-height openings in your rooms without compromising on the aesthetics! Get a solution to your storage and door related problems by installing a TOSTEM INDIA Sliding and Folding Door. Our Door Frames can be used for ventilation purposes, to keep the weather out or in, as well as creating privacy or adding to your aesthetic charm. The doors are built with high quality material that is sturdy, easy to clean and maintain.

We offer a range of folding doors for your homes, apartments and offices. The combination of artistry and reliability together with the unique space-saving foldability offers you an advantage in interior decorating. Our doors are manufactured using the most advanced technologies in Japan and sophisticated designs that can be seen as worthy of being in any home or office. We have created a range of folding doors to meet the demand for elegant, space saving in homes and offices. This popular trend requires new solutions and products that fold flat, transforming spaces just the way you want them from their original open position to a fully closed off configuration which is height adjustable and very strong. Our solution is simple, effective and easy to install.

Slide and fold doors are a compact solution for households and offices. Fold away the door with a simple push of the button, set in place and lock it with the turn of a key. Save space by sliding open or folding flat without getting out of bed or opening up all your belongings. We introduce, a range of Highly Resilient, Stunning and Space Saving Aluminium Folding Doors for your modern home. The Japanese innovation used in manufacturing our folding doors brings the perfection of world-class door manufacturing into your home and office spaces.

TOSTEM INDIA is committed to providing the best quality materials and products. When you choose TOSTEM INDIA, you get value for your money and peace of mind. If a well-made, heavy-duty aluminium casement door is what you are looking for, TOSTEM introduces a magnificent new collection of perfectly engineered Aluminium Casement Doors for contemporary homeowners. Unmatched quality and performance are characteristic of our casement doors due to premium Japanese innovation in the manufacturing process.

ToSTEM’s casement doors are bubbling with aesthetic perfection and design versatility to offer the perfect housing solution for all. Ideal for contemporary homes, our aluminium windows have been engineered with premium Japanese innovation in the manufacturing process. Available in out-swing and in-swing designs, the Aluminium casement doors are available in a wide range of colours and options to suit your preference.