Best Places to visit in Glarus with Family

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Glarus Canton is located in Eastern Switzerland’s southern mountains. Many people visit the area not just in the summer, but also in the winter to go skiing, snowboarding, and paragliding. People from all over the world go to Glarnerland. The Tödi is the tallest peak in eastern Switzerland, standing at an altitude of 3614 metres above sea level. The region near Piz Saradona is one of the most well-known geological landscapes in the world due to the Glarner Überschiebung, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, there are several other best places to visit and enjoy the destinations of Glarus  with family. Understand about them through this article. 

Farm Olympics 

Farmers compete in the Farmer’s Olympics as teams. In Switzerland, there are many ideal spots for this. Many of the members of the group divide into rival teams to compete with one another in a friendly agricultural contest. A victorious farmhand is recognised in the end.

A group Farmer’s Olympics might last anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours.

Your meeting time and location will be coordinated with the organiser once you book. It’s feasible to hold the event elsewhere than the organiser’s usual haunt of Kerenzerberg Alp Habergschwänd. Each suitable site in Switzerland hosts the Farmer’s Olympics.

The moment you and your party arrive, the action will begin. You’ll compete in a series of team-based challenges centred on farming. Cow patty golf, milking cows, and arrow shooting are all examples of such activities. Humour is essential, but so is the ability to work well together as a team.

After the allotted time period has passed, the points earned are totaled and assessed by the event’s organiser. In addition to the title of “master servant,” the victorious team will also receive a token cash reward.

Construction of Igloo

Confront the complex task of constructing an igloo using snow bricks. The teacher will demonstrate the proper technique for sawing out snow blocks and assembling them. An extremely sturdy igloo may be constructed in this manner. You can also arrange an igloo-building party at the location of your choice in Glarus. 

In the course of four hours, you can count on a fantastic igloo-building competition. Your guide will assist you in constructing a strong igloo during this period. More than that, the mountain restaurant serves a tasty meal during the day.

Go for Hiking

The Klöntal area, including the Klöntalersee, is a popular hiking destination not too distant from the city centre. There is an abundance of scenic beauty in this valley that is encircled by mountains. In 1799, General Suworow’s army retreated from the Muotathal in the Canton of Schwyz to the safety of Glarus via the PragelPass. Many dives have been made in an attempt to locate the Russians’ missing war treasure in the Klöntalersee, but to no avail.

Play an Escape Game

There are three possibilities for the ideal team- and group-building activity. As a starting point, you may take it outside and engage with the environment in numerous places like Glarus, Rapperswil, or St. Gallen. You also have the option of playing it inside, either at a hotel or at your place of business. Additionally, the game is also available for online play.

You’ll get your iPad and a puzzle-solving activity pack at the designated meeting place. A game’s final destination is up to you. If you want to have an apero or a lunch with your squad directly after the game, it’s suggested that you go to a restaurant of your choosing.

The game might last anywhere from two to eight hours, depending on your availability. This makes it an ideal game for any upcoming team building exercise.

The Klöntalersee

Picnicking and ambling about the Klöntalersee, a large alpine lake encircled by mountains, is a wonderful way to spend a day. Although we found it by chance, this site has the feel of a peaceful secret despite its obvious popularity. It’s a great place for families of all ages to have a picnic.

The Kunsthaus

Located in the Volksgarten next to the Glarus railway station is the Kunsthaus Glarus, a museum and exhibition centre. Works by Swiss painters from the late 19th and 20th centuries may be found in the museum’s collection, together with pieces from the private collections of Othmar Huber, Gustav Schneeli, and Gustav Egger.

Lake Oberblegisee

Lake Oberblegisee may be found in Switzerland’s Glarus Canton. It towers 1,422 metres over the town of Luchsingen and is just below the Glärnisch peaks. It has a total land area of 0.170 square kilometres. A pleasant spot for a picnic, as well as a possible starting point for a hike.

Some tips to always remember while visiting Glarus with Family

  • Instil in your children a love of learning and exploration by encouraging them to try new things, since that is what childhood is all about. Despite its compact size, Switzerland and Glarus are home to a wide variety of customs. Because of this, even within individual valleys you might discover festivals that are exclusive to that region’s history and culture.
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In conclusion, Glarus is a wonderful destination to visit with family. Keep in mind the above activities and places to make your trip worth it.