Buying Clothes For Your Body Type

Clothes were initially conceived as a way to protect us from the cold and bad weather. Since that period, clothing has evolved not just as an extension of our personality, but as a status symbol, where the wealthiest individuals dressed in finer clothing and jewelry than the poorest. Today, although clothes are still used as a status symbol, it’s easier to create the look of superior status by using the clothes you wear to accentuate your body in a way that reflects those of superior status.

When clothes are dressed correctly, favoring our body type, we are more refined, elegant and respectable. Richer individuals have the ability to buy clothes tailored to their bodies clothing wholesale, creating a flawless look, while others buy clothes based on how comfortable they are to wear, or because they like the color or fabric, or because someone they know have something similar and they liked them. Clothes should be purchased according to their fit, not because something is comfortable or because someone else looks good on the item. The color or fabric of the garment should not be the final determining factor for a purchase either, as fabrics can often be dyed.

Everyone has a body type, and it’s how the clothes fit into them that should determine what you buy. Clothes should fit your body, accentuate the best aspects of your figure and minimize the less flattering aspects of your figure. It doesn’t matter if you are male, female, small, plus, apple or pear FondMart’s plus size dresses, there is something for everyone that will leave you looking flawless, the trick is to know what kind of body you have and look for specific features that will help accentuate your assets.

The first step in dressing your body is figuring out what kind of body you have. Think about your best body features. Do you have nice legs? What about your arms? Then think about the most problematic areas of the body. What do you want to minimize? Do you have a lot of stomach? And your hips? Try to avoid clothing that fits the most problem areas, and choose silhouettes that help to draw your eyes away from that specific area.

Once you’ve figured out how to accurately dress your body type FondMart’s plus size tops, shopping can become a pleasure, as you’ll find more attractive clothes to buy than clothes that make you feel bad about your body.


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