Can Your Air Conditioner Handle the Arizona Heat?

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Arizona may get incredibly hot, especially during the summer, with daily highs of 110 degrees F or more. This is a safety concern for its inhabitants, as heatstroke can be possible with such high temperatures. The scorching heat, however, should not stop you from performing your regular tasks. Nevertheless, a working air conditioning system will come in handy. Ensuring your AC unit is working at its optimum will increase its efficiency, thus saving energy costs.

An efficient air conditioner will easily handle the Arizona Heat. For your AC to work efficiently, a lot of care, maintenance, and other variables that go hand in hand with your AC’s optimal functionality must be checked. Your AC will handle the Arizona heat when:

  • The air filter is changed regularly. Routine changing of your AC filter can improve the system’s efficiency. Clogged or dirty filters interfere with the smooth flow of air in the AC. As the air finds its way, it can bypass the filter into the evaporator coil since the air is dirty and interferes with the coils’ heat-absorbing properties. A clean filter will increase the unit’s energy efficiency by significantly reducing energy used, with a percentage efficiency of between five and twenty. During summer, cooling is almost unavoidable, and regular maintenance of the AC filters should happen as they are constantly in use. Replacing dirty air filters every few months will work wonders for you as a homeowner.
  • Measure and Record Amp Draw- Measure and Record the power needed to circulate air through your AC system. Unneeded pressure on the unit can result in variations in amperage, lowering the condensers, compressors, and evaporator motor life. The right pressures on your AC unit will allow it to function optimally.
  • Close the drapes- Keeping away the glaring light in your home will reduce the need to eliminate the heat associated with the sun’s rays penetrating the house through the windows and other open spaces. The greenhouse effect is a usual occurrence during the warmer season as the effect of light directed at when curtains and windows are open is retained, raising the already high heat indoors. Drawing curtains shut and closing the windows will help lower the temperatures retained; hence reduced energy is required while cooling your home.
  • Home insulation- Preventing any air loss keeps it cool during the summer and prevents warmer air from entering the house. It easily covers windows and other openings to minimize heat from entering your home during the hotter days. Relieving your AC unit, the need to work extra harder to keep it cool.
  • AC Maintenance- Addressing problems on time can be a money-saving affair while increasing the efficiency of your unit. During the hot times in Arizona, a well-maintained system will be lifesaving. Maintaining it will make it easier to keep you cool from the scorching heat. Regular cleaning and diagnostic inspections will increase the productive life of your air conditioner. Squealing or other unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner are a clue that it needs servicing.
  • Clear the space surrounding your outside unit, don’t cover or block any air vents and avoid system overuse. Too much heat around the unit may hinder its full ability to perform its cooling job well. Also, covering it attracts insects and other smaller animals, hence hindering its functionality.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights; Grill outdoors – Grilling outdoors will save your house from extreme heating and is also enjoyable. The temperatures of grills can be stressful, especially when you are working hard to reduce them while avoiding considerable energy bills. Embracing low-energy cooking in your home will also save your AC, as unnecessary heat from conventional methods like an oven makes your unit work harder. Turning off any lighting not in use can also reduce the overall energy expense. Using LED lights in place of incandescent ones will save you a lot of problems as they consume less energy.
  • Strategic wash and Dehumidifier- Although high humidity is not a risk in Arizona, high levels will overwork your unit, reducing its efficiency and increasing overall energy costs. Having a dehumidifier reduces too much water in the air, allowing your system to work easily. Machines like clothes dryers and dishwashers emit unwanted heat. Cleaning with cold water and unheated births on hotter days to avoid injecting too much heat and moisture into your houses will leave your AC with an easy task. If it’s a must to use them, consider using them during the night when temperatures are lower.
  • Turn on your ceiling fans- Use of ceiling fans cause a wind chill effect that makes you comfortable but does not necessarily reduce the temperature in the house. A ceiling fan complements your unit as they operate very well concurrently. While your air conditioning is on, switching on your ceiling fan will allow you to reduce the amount of time and energy used to lower your home temperatures. A ceiling fan complements your AC unit, making its work easier in a heated Arizona summer. The fun will permit you to set higher temperatures without compromising your comfort.
  • Drink a lot of water- We know how crucial hydrating is to our bodies. You will need to consume more water than you believe your body needs due to the heat in Arizona. If you want to survive the heat, don’t just rely on your AC unit but drink not just the standard eight glasses of water but more. Drinking a lot of water will aid in preventing throat and mouth drying. Water in your body necessitates the replacement of sweating due to the high temperatures.
  • Wear comfortable, light clothing- With the heat in Arizona, it is impossible to overdress. You might consider putting on light clothing to avoid too much temperature.
  • Proper refrigerant levels and accustoming where necessary- unit leakages may be a result of reduced refrigerant levels. You might need to locate potential mistakes before they happen through regular tune-ups and inspection, as unnoticed leaks may cause environmental and operational problems.
  • Smart thermostat- Automatic customization of temperatures in your house may boost energy efficiency. Such sophisticated devices learn your routine preferences and master and automatically adjust when sleeping or outside the house. A smart thermostat is a tool you need in Arizona Summer as it helps minimize energy usage.
  • Ductwork Repair- To prevent supply leaks, use experts to visually assess the ductwork, airflow, loose connections on ducts, and restriction by kinks. The ductwork system determines the intensity of treated air reaching each zone or room in your home. Leaking ducts results in energy wastage which you can’t afford in a heated Arizona.
  • Manage your Gadgets- All electronic appliances consume and emit significant energy even when not in use, as long as they are plugged in on power. Your AC unit will have to get rid of the heat from these devices should you leave them plugged in on power. Switching from the sockets completely can avoid unnecessary heating and also saves you on energy bills.

A hot summer in Arizona does not have to be a threat when you work with a professional air conditioning maintenance service or follow the tips above. A well-maintained air conditioning unit will come in handy. I would say take care of your AC system, and it will take care of you not just during Arizona summer but also in winter. Drinking a lot of water as well as light clothing will also prove beneficial. Avoiding unnecessary heating from gadgets not in use will save you greatly. Ensuring your home is airtight will also save you a lot, as no treated air will escape or hot air access your house during the Arizona heat.

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