The crypto ecosystem has been violated again after becoming unbalanced and reducing the value of many digital assets, among the most prominent Bitcoin, which had remained at a support level for several months, equivalent to USD 20,000. Alternatively, you can sell your crypto coins on a reputable exchange like this App to get cash to spend directly.

Its price has reached $17,600, representing a global decrease of almost 74% since its last historical maximum registered in November 2021, precisely one year of this record.

An unexpected fall

Many specialists and financial analysts in the middle of 2022 concluded that the price of Bitcoin at the end of the year was not very beneficial; for these, the minimum point would be 10,000 dollars, and then if it would take off to reach new historical highs.

This time, the situation revolves around FTX, one of the world’s largest exchange platforms. Unfortunately, for financial reasons and poor management of its users’ capital, it has been seen today in the painful situation of being on the verge of bankruptcy.

The creator of FTX Bankman was considered one of the brightest minds after achieving fortune through the use and management of cryptographic investments that made him obtain a capital of more than 25,000 million dollars and that today, after the collapse of FTX, could disappear drastically and leave him with nothing.

The systemic risk in which investors who assume liabilities in cryptocurrencies are later affected by the market’s volatility and are unable to cancel the commitments is the main factor affecting FTX today.

The connection of Alameda Research, a company that operated as an intermediary in the granting of crypto loans where the guarantee was based on the FTT token, is responsible for this catastrophe that hits the digital currency market again.

Causes that trigger a brutal fall

This effect is considered a snowball; consequently, the situations that are generated around the digital financial market in one way or another drag the need either to the benefit or to the detriment.

Here is what happened chronologically so that today the cryptocurrency market is touching a decrease of almost 9% in a matter of days:

  1. The main situation:

Everything was triggered after the financial collapse of the FTX exchange platform, which previously had even tried to recover other platforms that went bankrupt for not having an operational plan against the risk represented by the volatility of the digital market.

The Exchange could not respond to the high demand from its users to withdraw their assets, which undoubtedly caused panic among investors. This situation of mistrust was due to the lack of response from the platform to users who wanted to dispose of their invested capital.

  1. an excessive liquidation

After spending several months at a floor level equivalent to USD 20,000, when the news was generated, the global market crash went from a capitalization that exceeded one trillion dollars to less than 900,000 million, falling currencies leading and underlying digital.

  1. The possible salvation in the hands of Binance

As the digital financial market is known, it has always been highly vulnerable to statements or news that arise around it through social networks, this time it was not going to be the exception; where Binance was in charge of publicizing the information that destabilized, not only to the crypto assets but to the clients of the FTX platform.

After the news of the lack of liquidity to respond to the withdrawal requests of FTX clients was known, there was no way out, revealing another case of a cryptocurrency company that comes to an end after the complex situations that the market in general.

Binance tried to execute the purchase of FTX to safeguard the platform’s users. Still, after encountering the alarming figures and the misuse of funds that led to the bankruptcy of this leading crypto exchange company, it retracts, remaining in a worse state of financial health of FTX.


Distrust and uncertainty are coming together again to be reflected in the digital financial market; unfortunately, the valuation scale of crypto assets has been unbalanced, and the protagonist is FTX.

In terms of liquidation, Bitcoin has been the most affected, even reaching loss percentages of over 8% in a matter of hours. It affects users and investors who consider a possible trend change by the year’s end.