Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales and Engage Your Customers

It is never too late to begin planning for the holiday season. Christmas is a great time to be creative in your marketing and maximize engagement during the busiest season of the year.

This article will cover different Christmas marketing strategies to help you promote your business and increase sales.

  • Plan your campaign and create your content calendar
  • In the lead-up to Christmas marketing launches, build momentum
  • How to cut through the noise with interactive content and games
  • Tips and tricks to stand out in the crowd with visual content best-practice
  • Create flyers for your campaign with using free Christmas flyer templates
  • Keep the momentum going after Christmas to re-engage your audience

Christmas is a time of many thoughts. This guide will help you get the most out of your Christmas campaign. To ensure maximum success and the highest return on your investment, it is important to set clear objectives.

Set your goals and get your tactics right

Knowing the importance of setting goals for success measurement is something we all understand, we won’t spend too much time explaining what SMART goals are. We’ll be focusing on the content and tactics that will help you achieve these goals.

When it comes to Christmas marketing objectives, there are some common goals that all industries share:

  • Boosting sales
  • Generate leads
  • Driving web traffic
  • Increasing app engagement
  • Brand awareness

Create your content calendar by researching your audience

Once you have a clear idea of your strategy and a plan for the content you want to concentrate on, you can start to organize it and put it into an editorial calendar. Writing content is not something you want to do when there’s a mad rush. It is important to plan well in advance to ensure your Christmas campaign runs smoothly.

You can work with an agency to do primary research on your target audience to determine which content formats and distribution channels are most appealing to them. Find out what motivates people to buy Christmas gifts. While discounts and free shipping can be a motivator for many, this may not necessarily apply to your industry or audience.

Keyword and competitive research for Christmas

You’ll be able to identify the best opportunities for evergreen content and any new Christmas-specific keywords if you keep up with keyword research. Look at the top SERPs, and think about how you can appeal to user intent with content.

What are your competition doing? To see what you are missing, look back at the content and tactics they used last Christmas. What could they have done better? Take a note of any interesting things you see and add them to your plan.

You can spot opportunities to create unique content that resonates with your audience by researching your competitors and audience in advance. Once you have identified any content gaps and determined what appeals to your audience most, you can start to build a content schedule and content framework for your Christmas marketing campaign.

To plan your top-level content pillars, use your audience and keyword research. Then determine which topics will work in different content formats. Once you have enough data, you can create an editorial calendar that includes key dates for research and writing as well as a column about distribution channels.

Consider other seasonal marketing opportunities – not just Christmas

A few milestones can help you build a engaged audience before your Christmas campaign launches. Although Christmas conversions are the ultimate goal, you need to raise awareness before the Christmas rush hits.

You can build momentum by running mini-campaigns to test your Christmas content strategy. Halloween is a great opportunity to test the waters. You can also use it to gather data and encourage leads to shop with your company at Christmas.

According to Deloitte’s recent research, discounts are the most effective incentive to increase sales during festive season. Coupons and specials on popular products were second. To find the best incentives for your goals, it’s a good idea test them with your audience.

Make Christmas marketing interactive

Don’t just talk at your audience with static content. Make sure you are reaching out to them and encouraging them to take action. Engage them in your campaign with an interactive experience.

Interactive content can bring many benefits to your campaign.

  • Interactive content can achieve higher engagement rates than their static counterparts. According to Demanded, 81% of marketers believe that interactive content grabs more attention than static content and 70% agree that interactive content converts visitors.
  • Generating leads and capturing GDPR-compliant data
  • Stand out from your competitors to increase brand loyalty
  • Repeat visits and increased time on site

Interactive content is growing in popularity. More than half (53%) of marketers use interactive content. Interactive experiences are a must for any brand. 88% of marketers believe interactive content helps differentiate their brand from others, while 66% claim they have had greater audience engagement.

Types of interactive content

There are many types of interactive content. The choice of which one you use will depend upon your audience and your goals. These could include:

  • Polls/surveys
  • Interactive infographics
  • Interactive video
  • Quizzes
  • Content created by users
  • Marketing Experiential
  • Calculators
  • Assessments
  • Branded gaming

While each has its benefits, interactive content should be considered as part of a larger content strategy. It should not be treated as a separate piece. A well-thought-out distribution strategy to make sure people find your interactive content is crucial to ensuring high-quality content.

Make sure your images reflect the Christmas campaign.

Visuals are everything. It’s hard to cut through the noise so visuals must be memorable and eye-catching. You will soon see a lot of red and green in your social media and email feeds. Ask yourself if you don’t want to appear like another company using the same generic Christmas colours and images. Are you able to add a Christmassy touch to your visuals?

Consider how your brand colours are used by your audience. Then think about adding a festive touch. All visual media platforms should incorporate your campaign-related elements, such as email, ads and offline content. For a seamless campaign, you might consider creating a Christmasified landing page.

It doesn’t matter what theme or colour scheme you choose, the important thing is to stick with it. Customers will begin to recognize the style of your campaign, so ensure it is consistent across channels.

Don’t forget after Christmas

Keep the momentum going! Do not let your campaign end without a plan. Use those Christmas business promotion ideas to make the most of them. The blurry period between Christmas and New Year, when you return to work, is an opportunity to recharge your marketing.

You can offer a prize draw after Christmas if you are planning giveaways and discounts. This will give you an opportunity to reach out after Christmas and keep your name in their minds.

Make sure to have a campaign plan in place for Boxing Day sales. You can get more engagement if you have a branded Christmas game.

Top tip: Wait at least two weeks before you contact people in January if you plan on making contact with them. People generally have a lot to catch up on email after the holidays, so you don’t want to lose your communication!

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