Comprehensive Skin Care for Winter Sun

Skin Care for Winter Sun

Winter is here. It’s dry, it’s cold, and it’s definitely a time of year that’s not kind to the skin. But don’t despair! There are a lot of natural products in the market that can help keep your skin hydrated and nourished throughout the season. We’ve put together a list of essentials you’ll need this winter to keep your skin happy, healthy, and youthful:


An unskippable step to clean and healthy skin is face wash. For that wintery dull and dry skin, it’s best to switch to a hydrating facial foam for soft and nourished skin.

Ingredients that work well:
  • Jojoba: Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, it provides deep nourishment and prevents bacterial infection and acne. 
  • Japanese Sakura: Has anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory properties and balances skin moisture.
  • Ginseng: Maintains skin elasticity, has anti-ageing properties, is anti-inflammatory and improves skin complexion
  • Vitamin E Oil : Has moisturizing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Beware of face washes containing parabens, sulphates, and preservatives.

#02: A TONER

Many people think using toner in winter is not necessary. Don’t make this mistake. A toner quickly refreshes your skin without stripping off its moisture and helps remove dead cells. It helps tighten the facial pores, maintain the skin’s pH levels, and control excess oil secretion.

Ingredients that can work well:
  • Rose: Has a calming effect and helps fight acne, pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads.
  • Aloe Vera: Maintains skin’s pH balance, hydrates, and has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps fight acne and blemishes.
  • Tulsi: Its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties deeply cleanse and remove toxins and bacteria while reducing tan and hyperpigmentation.
  • Lemon/ Orange extracts: Vitamin C lightens, brightens, and fights acne due to its acidic nature.

Choose an alcohol-free toner as they are gentle and safe on the skin.


Cold temperatures and low humidity can make your skin dull, dry and flaky. Thus, applying a generous amount of long-lasting and natural moisturizer and body lotion is essential. 

Ingredients that work well:
  • Milk: Lactic acid helps reduce tan acne and protects the skin from UV rays. 
  • Cocoa butter: High in fatty acids, this ingredient provides deep hydration and aids in natural scar reduction. 
  • Honey: Has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It speeds up the skin’s healing process and hydrates to give soft and supple skin. 
  • Saxifraga flower: Rich in antioxidants, helps in reducing dark spots pigmentation, tightens the pores and gives an even skin tone.

After a tiring long day, we need rest to restore our energies. Similarly, our skin needs rest to heal, replenish and create cells. Thus it is vital to practise this skincare routine before going to bed too.  


A face oil acts as barrier protection, working both ways. It helps retain skin’s moisture and hydration and on the other hand, keeps the skin away from pollution, dirt, dust and toxins.

Ingredients that can work well:
  • Vitamin C: Intensely hydrating and helps heal and regenerate cells. Moreover, it promotes the synthesis of barrier lipids, reducing water permeability. Thus locking the moisture within. 
  • Gold extracts: Stimulates collagen production, thus reducing signs of ageing and imparts a radiating skin glow. 
  • Lychee: Powerhouse of Vitamin C and B complex. Reduces acne, reverses signs of ageing and restores hydration.

Hands down, the best ingredient for face oil would be Vitamin C. Many facial oils like Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Vitamin C+ Gold Radiance Face Oil bring combinations of the best ingredients to give you a flawless glowing skin.


We all love sitting outdoors in the winter sun, little do we realize that long-term sun exposure can result in hyperpigmentation, sunburn, tanning etc. The afflicted skin seems dry, drab, and dehydrated. Thus using a lightweight sunscreen with maximum SPF is essential. 

Ingredients that can work well:
  • Black Plum: Rich in antioxidants, it soothes the skin, helps remove freckles and dark spots and protects from harmful UV rays.
  • Vitamin C: Protects the skin from UV rays and helps the skin heal. Vitamin C sources can be Kakadu plum, carrots, lemon, orange, avocado etc.
  • Peony extracts: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Protects the skin from sun damage
  • Chamomile: Soothes skin and protects it from oxidative stress caused by UV rays. Suitable for all skin types and ages.
  • Aloe Vera: The cooling effects of Aloe Vera help against sun burns. Helps in reducing tan and rashes. As a natural bleach, it lightens the skin tone and eliminates blemishes and brown spots.

You can also use a de-tan face pack twice with Dandelion, tomato, or carrot extracts twice a week to reduce the effect of sun tan, pigmentation, and even out skin tone. 
In winters, the typical ritual of layering up with jackets and scarves becomes necessary. Similarly, according to skincare experts, you should be particularly careful during winter to protect your skin. Thus cleansing, toning and most importantly, layering it with good, long-lasting moisturizers and sunscreen is critical.

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