Countries of the World and Their Instruments

The world is a colorful place where everyone speaks different languages, wears different clothes and has different cultures. The countries of the world also differ in the instruments we play. Each is very unique and is played all over the world. Here are some of the world’s largest and their machines:


Country music and Western music are popular, and one of the most popular musical instruments in America is the banjo. The banjo has long stood as a symbol of South American heritage, and since then it has gained popularity all over the world. The banjo, with its unique sound, has played a huge role in American popular music for over 200 years.


Africa is known the world over for its amazing collection of musical instruments, and nothing is more traditional and famous than a portable djembe drum. This type of African musical instrument, pronounced “jim pi”, was originally played at religious ceremonies but is now a regular feature in many drum circles and schools.


The most famous musical instrument in North India is the sitar. The sitar consists of frets and up to seven main chords. This instrument school   has grown in popularity around the world and is now taught in many schools in the US and UK.


The perfect accompaniment to the original flamenco dance, the Castanets is one of Spain’s most popular musical instruments. Castanets are held in the hand and used to produce rhythmic accents through a series of rapid clicks. Tradition dictates that they are made of solid wood, although alternatives to fiberglass are becoming increasingly more popular.


Scotland is, of course, the home of the bagpipe. This instrument can be recognized all over the world, and it produces a very unique and beautiful sound. Bagpipes have long been played to accompany dancers but have become increasingly popular around the world in recent years. This instrument is also known to be difficult to play which adds to its appeal.


When you think of Australia, you immediately think of two things: wildlife, and music. Didgerido is recognized around the world for its unique appearance and voice. Didgerido has seen a recent resurgence in popularity thanks to popular TV personality and musician Rolf Harris.

It is clear how diverse the world’s musical instruments are. Learning about the music and instruments played by different cultures tells us a lot about their lives and traditions, so introducing some of these instruments into schools is a great way to educate children.