Covid Cleaning Checklist: Explore Essential points to Follow

Coronavirus is a deadly infectious disease that is caused by SARS-COV-2 virus and has caused millions of deaths worldwide. This deadly virus is constantly changing its strain and each time the scientists find a new variant, it spreads its wings far more than before. So, we should not underestimate its consequences and keep ourselves safe and ready for  a healthy tomorrow. We have to follow certain cleaning protocols so that we can live in a hygienic and virus free place. Whether its commercial building or  a residential building, it needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected before people enter inside. As this virus can spread from one person to another easily, common cleaning practices shall not be that helpful. We have to add more to the list and here we can discuss it to help people know what can be better for them.

Cleaning with the help of normal detergent and liquid soap can kill the germs but these do not guarantee you to kill the coronavirus. These can reduce the risk of infection but cannot protect you completely. You have to use the best quality disinfectants that are hard on such viruses and can kill the spread. The checklist for cleaning includes:

1.  List of things that you need for cleaning process:

a.   You need a good quality detergent that is known for its excellent cleaning properties. You can take help from your browser to know which detergents are good and can give you best results.

b.  You need a good quality disinfectant that helps to kill all types of harmful germs present on the surface and can even keep the deadly viruses at bay. The goal of using a disinfectant is to kill the bacteria and viruses so it should be of good grade. Using a low quality disinfectant will not serve the purpose.

c.   You need proper cleaning tools because whether it’s a residential or commercial building, the commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles you choose for this job  will have a long way to go while doing this task. So, it’s better to aid them with advanced tools that can help them in a better cleaning process.

d.  When you buy the detergents and disinfectants, you must read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow the same instructions because these are chemically filled compounds and can react easily if you do not mix with the proper agent. So, you should have knowledge about it before you start.

e.   You have to make sure that the products that you have chosen for covid cleaning services in Los Angeles are suitable for the surfaces you have or not. Sometimes, we just go with the right product but fail to pair it with the surface at our place. So, ensure this thing while buying the products.

f.        If you are thinking of doing it yourself, then you must think twice before making it final because if the structure is a huge one, it is advised to hire the professionals who can do this job better than you and in case you have a small space, you can try it before you call the experts.

 2.  What schedule do you have to follow up for cleaning?

  1.  When you consider the commercial space:  If you go for the general schedule, cleaning is done everyday at the end of the working day and in the morning. However, when you have to thoroughly clean the place, it’s done weekly when the cleaners target all the spaces in the office to clean and spray the entire building with the disinfectants to ensure complete safety. Daily cleaning includes clearing the dustbins, keeping the desks, chairs and tables clean and removing the dirt and debris from the surface. However, after this ongoing pandemic, the cleaning rules have changed and now it’s mandatory to use disinfectants daily before the office timing and after the employees leave their workstation.
  2. When you consider the Residential Space: Again, cleaning in the residential areas is also done daily in the morning time. To stay safe from the deadly viruses and bacteria, residents make sure that disinfectants are used frequently to protect the place.

3. What to do before you start cleaning the space?

There is a list of things that you have to keep a check on before you or the covid cleaning services in Los Angeles you hire start cleaning the place. These are:

a.   Don’t let people enter the space if there are confirmed or suspected cases.

b.  Keep the windows and doors open to assure fresh air gets circulated through the place.

c.   Make sure that no one has access to the bathroom because it can be an infectious spot

d.  The break rooms and frequent touch points also need to be considered before you move further to cabins.

Hence, if you are planning to clean your place or hire the professionals for this job, you must read the above mentioned points to take necessary help and do the right thing. You can browse your search engine to call the top professional cleaners who are expert at this job and charge competitive rates in the industry. You can call them and confirm how they follow up the process and what protocols they follow. It will be best to make the right decision.

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