Creative Ways to Use Wall Clocks for Living Room


Clocks are known to be one of the oldest human inventions created to measure shorter intervals of time. From sun dial to digital clock, it has progressed and grown with time and technology. In this era where everyone has to and wants to keep up with time, clocks have become a necessity as it governs the flow of our day. Wall clocks are found everywhere. Every home, office, shop, restaurants and other public spaces have one or two hanging wall clocks and bedside alarm clocks are an addition to homes.

History of wall clocks

Earlier humans used to measure time by reading the stars, through changes in the seasons, and of course by the presence of day and night. Later sundials were introduced where the position of the sun was to tell what the time of the day is which gave approximate timings. Then, a water clock was introduced, and then hourglass. Mechanical clocks came into existence in the 1600s coupled with the invention of the pendulum as the movement of the pendulum was consistent that made the movement of hands in the clock consistent and eventually the time remained accurate. 

After the invention of mechanical clocks another big evolution occurred is the invention of the modern clock. The modern clock is similar to the clocks we use today. As modern clocks came into existence, by the 17th century people started focusing on the designs of the wall clocks as accuracy was not a problem any more. This is because wall clocks were now considered a signal of class and prestige.

All about Quartz Wall Clocks

In the 19th century when quartz clocks were introduced and that became the most popular clock of all time. Quartz made wall clocks quite affordable and these cheap wall clocks more popular at homes and public places. These quartz clocks are so appealing and come in different shapes, sizes, designs and shapes.

Wall clocks are known to be one of the inexpensive ways to enhance the decor of the room. Wall clocks are simple yet elegant piece that add character to the wall. Some love to accessorize their homes and commercial spaces with vintage or modern wall clocks

Let us see how different wall clocks complement the decor of your home and commercial space

Classic wall clocks are timeless wall clocks that bring style and functionality to a variety of spaces. If you love antique and vintage then they are best to add interest to traditional, farmhouse, and country style designs.

Wall clocks enhance the style quotient and express your personality. Choose a timepiece that acts as an attractive centrepiece and make your boring wall stand out.

A well-decorated room or space adds charm and makes a long-lasting impression for everyone entering the space. It also uplifts your mood.

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