Dealing with facial hair

Of course, facial hair serves a purpose, but you still need them out. For having smooth and flawless skin, women need the facial hair to be gone.

Whereas in certain ethnicities, the hair might be very light and hardly noticeable, however in others, the hair is as loud as a red siren. 

Moreover, your genetics also play a role in the amount of facial hair. Some women suffer from conditions like PCOS that in turn cause hirsutism. If you have sudden onset of facial hair, alongside period problems, you should then consult your doctor at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital.

To remove or not to remove hair

Wanting to remove facial hair is a personal choice, and there is no right answer here. Some women may want to remove all the hair from their face, whereas others want to focus on the area above the lips and between the eyebrows. 

 Alongside there being the motivation of the skin becoming smooth in the aftermath of removing the peach fuzz, those with dark hair have added inclination for removing the hair; it allows their foundation to look better. With the presence of the facial hair, your true color is then affected. 

Some ways you can work towards removing your facial hair include:


Depilatory is a cream that helps in breaking down the hair, so that they are removed when wiped after a few minutes. However, it does not pluck the hair out from the root. Moreover, some of the products can be harsh on your skin and may burn your skin as well. Therefore, research well before choosing the product. 

Shaving and dermaplaning 

Thanks to Huda Kattan, women have their faith restored in the razors. You can now shave your fair off or use the dermaplaning device to remove not just the hair, but also exfoliate the skin at the same time. 


Somewhat similar to waxing is sugaring. It involves using pastes or gels that are made up of lemon, water, and sugar to pluck out the hair. It is more precise, requires lesser hair length, and is easier on a sensitive skin. So, if waxing is your go-to, it would help to check sugaring out as well. 


Laser treatments are aimed at the hair reduction, as they kill the hair follicle. You can try salon treatments or get handheld devices to use it yourself at home. 


You have not met pain till you have had threading done. This technique requires some skilled maneuvering of the thread to pluck out hair. It allows for small group of hair to be removed at one time. 

Although some women thread their face as well, but it is harder to execute. 


Tweezing is perhaps the easiest way to remove the hair; all it takes is a trusty tweezer and the mirror that tells you where you are hairiest of all. 

However, tweezer works for when you are trying to groom your eyebrows or catch some of the anomalous chin hair that everyone of us can relate you. The technique cannot be executed when the area under question is large. 


Wax is a great, albeit a painful way for you to removal facial hair. It helps in plucking hair from the root, so that the results last for longer. However, you need to be careful with the wax. 

If you are not going to the salon, then make sure that you are using facial wax strips. If you are using hot wax, then check the temperature before; since the facial skin is more delicate, the chances of burning run higher. Also, it may be too much for the sensitive skin. 

Prescription creams 

There are certain prescription creams that also help with reduction of facial hair. You can confer with the Dermatologist in Karachi with regards to the use of the cream and its prescription.