Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Detox


Detox is the process of eliminating toxic substances from the body. This process can be strenuous, painful, and even life-threatening, especially when conducted in an unmedical environment. Moreover, undergoing detox in this kind of environment increases the likelihood of an unsuccessful detox. However, withdrawal symptom mitigation and treatment of co-occurring conditions are some of the benefits of undergoing a medically supervised. This article discusses essential elements of drugs and alcohol addiction detox and why it is necessary to undertake a medically supervised detox.

Detox; the Initial Stage of a Successful Addiction Treatment

If a person wants to undergo a successful alcohol or drug addiction treatment program, the initial process is usually undergoing a medically supervised detox. A patient first needs to eliminate the addictive substance from their body before undergoing therapeutic processes that analyze a person’s behavior and develop new ways of living a sober life.

Detox is not a treatment replacement but an essential initial phase of the recovery process. Most outpatient and inpatient rehabs usually incorporate detoxification in their treatment programs to increase the likelihood of achieving their sobriety goals. You can learn more about the detox process from relevant online sources.

Advantages of Medically Assisted Detox

Withdrawals can be severely uncomfortable and sometimes life-threatening. Some of the advantages of undergoing a medically supervised detox include:

Enhances Safety

When professionals administer medication during detox, a patient’s body is relieved from the uncomfortable withdrawals, enabling them to focus on therapeutic processes. Additionally, medications can be given to eliminate any cravings. One of the commonly used medications for this purpose is Vivitrol.

Besides, the use of medications such as zipitrol helps prevent a patient from getting high, even if they take alcohol or drugs when they leave treatment. This is an added precaution to allow individuals to achieve sobriety.

Improves a Person’s Recovery Chances

Taking advantage of medication in your recovery journey is essential, since most relapses occur during the initial 90 days of achieving sobriety. This period also entails the first 90 days in a treatment facility, not just after completing a treatment program. If a person overcomes this tempting time of extreme cravings by taking medication, then their likelihood of achieving long-term sobriety is high.  

Additionally, apart from the physical comfort a medically assisted detox provides, it also offers much-needed emotional comfort. Moreover, most people prefer not to enroll in a rehab facility for addiction treatment to avoid these uncomfortable withdrawals. Therefore, introducing medication to prevent these experiences can motivate more people to achieve sobriety to receive treatment.

Dangers of Detoxing Alone

Many individuals struggling with alcohol or drug addiction attempt to become sober on their own but fail. Since withdrawal symptoms can be highly uncomfortable and powerful, failure to seek professional assistance tempts a person to get back in their habits to stop these awful experiences. Furthermore, since addiction is caused or worsened by other co-occurring issues, failure to seek professional aid will likely prompt a relapse.

Withdrawals can be damaging, scary, and even fatal. Additionally, seizures are also common in severe cases. If a person experiences a seizure while alone, this can cause severe issues with their health, in addition to long-term consequences of living with it. Moreover, a person can experience delirium tremens in instances of severe alcohol withdrawal. This condition entails severe and sudden nervous or mental system changes, and it can be life-threatening.

The dangers and disadvantages of withdrawal symptoms cannot be overlooked. Detox is essential during drug or alcohol addiction treatment and should be conducted in a safe and comfortable medically supervised environment. Performing this process in a treatment facility also increases the likelihood of achieving permanent sobriety and preventing relapse.

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