Duty of Security Guards In Detection And Prevention Of Fires

A security guard is also known as a security officer. This is a person who is either employed by the government or the private sector to be present at the fire scene at the workplace. They are mainly responsible for identifying potential threats and responding to emergencies.

Some of the emergency situations involve fires; in this situation, the prime duty is of the firefighters. But the security guards also play a crucial role in the complete process. As this is the task that involves the person’s life, they need to be an experienced person. Therefore, if the security guard is an expert, they will complete the task with more power.

There are various duties of the security guards that help the person to protect the employees from the situation of the emergencies. Let us discuss in detail these duties:

Prevention and preparation

In case of a fire, there are mainly two things that are possible: first of all, the person can either avoid the risk if he notices it in advance only. In the second situation, if the situation cannot be avoided, then the guard can handle it so that it does not damage the property and the lives of people.

In both situations, the security guard can be the helping hand. He will have to keep in mind certain things:

  • They should ensure that they go through the various policies and procedures that the employers have framed. This procedure includes the kind of reaction that must be given at the time of the fire, like the emergency contact number, available fire extinguishers, and also the evacuation routes available at the place.
  • Proper monitoring of the complete premises should be done by the security guards. They must analyze the various risks that are related to the smoke, the smell of the smoke, and also the unusual heat.
  • For getting an efficient result, it is better to gather the pieces of equipment accordingly. For example, the company must have all the fire alarms and fire extinguishers.
  • He must also have an idea regarding the place where the fire pieces of equipment are kept so that he is not required to rush in case of an emergency. Even he must know the complete instruction to use the equipment.
  • The security guard must also have an idea regarding the evacuation route in a clear manner to help the people save their lives.

Procedures at the time of the fire

Another situation is when the fire has already attacked the place. At that time, the security guards play the secondary role. As normally, the security guards are the first person to notice the fire and ask for help to get the fire extinguisher. As soon as the alarm sound comes, the security guard will be responsible for doing the investigation regarding the source of the fire and then contact the appropriate units responsible for it.

At the time of the emergencies, the experience of the security guard helps in saving the life of the people. Moreover, they help the person in the evacuation process without panic. When the fire extinguisher arrives, the security guard will provide complete information regarding the source of the fire.

Hopefully, after reading the above details, it is clear that the Fire Watch Guards play a crucial role in both situations. If the guard is an experienced and knowledgeable person, they will be able to handle the situation better. Their main aim must be to avoid any fire hazard to save the life of the people.

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