Enhance Your Off-roading Experience with 30 Second Wing Awning

Off-roading Experience

Are you one of those adventurous spirits to whom the open road is always calling? Do you get the adrenaline rush upon thinking about the dirt roads, unexplored wilderness, and picturesque landscapes you might discover along the way?

Then, embark on your next off-road adventure by preparing right. As beautiful as such an experience can be, it can have its challenges in the form of the elements – wind, rain, sun – that threaten to damage the look and utility of your vehicle. 

Before you consider purchasing a typical awning for the same, get to know its incredible upgrade – the 30 second wing awning

Size and Weight of the Awning 

This awning is not a lightweight awning solution by any means. Usually, the size of the awning is 2.7 m, and the weight is close to 27 kg. To set it up, you might need an extra pair of hands. 

Thankfully, once up, it is a breeze to use. Plus, the size and weight in itself are for a good reason. The aluminium structure and the 280 GSM canvas ensure that the awning is windproof, robust, and offers sufficient shade. 

So, the roof racks system you’re planning to use should be strong enough to support the weight. 

Materials Used 

The 30 second wing awning consists of four main components – the awning itself, the poles, the frame, and the bag. 

The frame is constructed out of durable aluminium and can be opened without the help of poles, which is especially useful in windy conditions. Extra aluminium poles can also be made available in case you should need so. 

It is the 280 GSM of canvas that renders shade to your off-roader. It also protects against harsh rays of the sun and rain. You can even purchase optional walls with the canvas. Finally, a thick waterproof bag of PVC completes the setup. This bag is provided to protect the awning in storage. 

The Distinguishing Factor: Speed of Setup

Perhaps what distinguishes the 30 second wing awning from the traditional kind is the speed with which it can be set up. As the name suggests, the awning can be set up in under 30 seconds. This is because of the aluminium frame, which can be set up without poles. 

Other than that, you will also find extra poles, ropes, usual pegs, and more. If you suspect additional support is required, you can drop down the extra pole provided within one of the arms. If you need privacy, the zipper on the awning can be pulled down to create an enclosed space. 

Worth the Hype

If you’re wondering whether the hype surrounding the 30 second wing awning is worth it, the answer is a resounding yes! A typical awning takes at least five minutes to set up. But the fact that you can set this awning up within 30 seconds increases the likelihood of using it. 

Plus, since the awning can be set up even without poles, you can easily and quickly shift it as per the sun. There’s no need to wrap it all up and move! 

Just ensure that you choose a reliable awning manufacturer to get the bang for your buck. Choose a quality piece that is waterproof and dustproof to give you a worthwhile experience.

Shehroz Hassan

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