Enhancing Patient Experience With Cerner

Do you think you can accomplish your clinical goals by excellently handling administrative and financial tasks? We don’t think so. Patients are the crux of clinical practices. And you have to ensure all your goals are aligned with the patients’ needs. We know it’s hard to do by yourself. That’s why today we are going to talk about Cerner EMR. This is the top-rated EMR solution when it comes to boosting patient experience. 

What physicians leave out by saying it’s just a minor detail. Cerner holds onto that till the end. Where physicians think jotting down information is crucial. Cerner thinks patient interaction is more critical. It won’t be an understatement to say where a physician’s limit ends. Cerner EMR’s limit starts. And this is what you are going to learn in this definitive article. Before jumping into how Cerner EMR enhances patient experience with its distinctive approach. 

Let’s have a look at its cost. We know this is the last point discussed in most EMR pages. But we think it is essential to know the cost of Cerner EMR before you jump into its details. This way, you will know beforehand whether or not this EMR fits your budget. Or, from another perspective, you can analyze the software better regarding its cost. So, let’s dive into the exciting part with no further ado. 

Cerner EMR Cost

Cerner EMR is a low-cost solution for all medical practices. Its price range is even lower than the most reasonable healthcare solution Epic Care. This EMR wins the ground for its affordable price range that isn’t even heavy on the pockets of small practices. 

Cerner healthcare software costs $25 annually. It charges a one-time cost per year, and practitioners can work free of any financial burden. Even though Cerner offers a yearly subscription plan, it doesn’t mean it charges extra for software updates. 

There’s no hidden cost or additional fee associated with the vendor. This real-world data solution transfers data securely. So, users can shift to this vendor without worrying about data loss. Now that you know its price range, let’s see what else is there for you to learn.

A Glance Into Cerner EMR Demo

The best way to look into how Cerner EMR enhances the patient experience is through its demo. The demo facility of the vendor works like a walk-through. You can see all the features and services it offers to enhance the patient experience. 

Also, this way, you can evaluate all the functionalities in reference to real-world situations. Therefore, this article will keenly focus on the patient-centric features available in the Cerner EMR demo. 

Shares the Patient Records

Patient Portal 

Improving patients’ experience is all about engaging patients in the clinical processes. And the key to this is handling the control over them. And, the patient portal makes it possible with its intuitive functionalities. Patients can even use it to communicate with you. 

Patients can readily access all their medical records by using the log-in credentials. They can view all their documents. That’s all it takes to engage patients in their treatment. Educational resources are also available on the portal that helps patients understand their condition better. 


Interoperability plays a crucial role in driving potential care outcomes. Cerner EMR offers this intuitive facility across the healthcare ecosystem. All patient databases are shared via a secured interface. You can use it to share the data anywhere without compromising confidentiality. 

This way, not only can you share records, but can also connect with specialty-specific specialists. In addition, it will enable you to deliver sound care treatment plans that will generate productive outcomes. As a result, your patient satisfaction rate will improve.

Simplifies the Scheduling Process

Online Scheduling

This remarkable service is the core of clinical practices. It is a must-have service of EMR solutions. Basically, this service is available on the patient portal. Patients can use this online tool to schedule appointments at their will. 

It reduces overlaps too by making the appointment calendar visible to patients. So, patients don’t have to sit in the waiting rooms to visit their physicians. It gives them an idea that you care for them, and thus it will build client’s confidence in your practice. 

Helps During Patient Examination 

Reduced screen time

It is an important feature to consider in terms of patient engagement. This interoperable solution prevents you from gluing your eyes to the screens. If you keep looking at your screen from time to time, your patients will feel left out. This leaves a carefree impression on the client’s mind. 

And, in turn, reduces clinical efficiency. For sure, you need time to create patient charts, draft templates, etc. But Cerner does that in a matter of seconds. This saves you time which you can solely focus on your patients. 

Clinical summaries

It is also an important thing to consider during patient diagnosis and treatment. Having clinical summaries is highly beneficial. You don’t have to switch tabs searching for information regarding your patients’ health. Cerner also offers this impressive feature. 

It effectively compiles all critical patient information on a single page. For example, clinical summaries include previous medications, diagnosis, test results, etc. By having the summary at your fingertips, you will be able to draft better treatment plans by conducting a thorough diagnosis. 

Voice recognition

Another feature included in the Cerner EMR demo is its voice recognition ability. This service works by transcribing speech into words. It is truly beneficial in the examination room. There are chances you might skip some information while filing patient charts. 

But it’s not possible with the speech-recognition feature. It jots down every word you say accurately. Also, it places the transcribed document in the correct files. So there’s no chance of misplacing any document, may it be templates, patient charts, or whatsoever. 

Our Two Bits About Cerner EMR 

From what we gathered. Cerner EMR offers a plethora of features to boost the patient experience. All its services are inclined towards patient engagement. This innovative EMR solution ensures optimal care delivery, improving patient satisfaction. 

Now that you know what the vendor features for shaping the patient experience. You can see that Cerner EMR’s pricing plans are nothing compared to what it offers. It is indeed an affordable yet feature-rich solution for you.


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