Everything You Need To Know About Roller Outdoor Blinds


Outdoor blinds are now becoming a thing as people are starting to recognize the benefits they offer. Before getting outdoor roller blinds for your property, you must do some research to know more about them. You might have heard that they are great for your outdoors, but you should also understand why they are helpful. 

Roller Outdoor Blinds are ideal for your outdoor space because they provide protection:

The Sun’s rays can be harmful to furniture if exposed throughout the day. If the sunlight is not stopped from coming inside the property, they can fade the color of the furniture, which you don’t want. Outdoor blinds also prevent dust storms, rain, and wind from entering the property; they are more valuable than indoor blinds as they block the heat and dust from reaching the windows. 

Automatic outdoor roller blinds look very luxurious:

There are two varieties of outdoor blinds available in the market. One is manually operated outdoor blinds; the other are automatic ones. The automatic ones look very lavish and are easy to use; their operation is also easy as you can quickly fold them up and down with the help of a button. The blind can be stopped at any point. There are manual roller outdoor blinds, but the user has to manually adjust the height of the blind by holding down clips to the ground or post. 

Different outdoor blind options:

  • Straight Drop: This type of outdoor blind provides excellent protection to the verandahs, patios, decks, and pergolas. They operate as a spring-loaded blind, providing excellent coverage to the outdoor area and even against a window. It provides both protection from the sun as well as the wind. The blinds have stainless steel clips that lock the base rail to the floor or posts.
  • Wire guides: These are typically used with windows, and their primary purpose is to provide protection and ventilation to the property. Mainly marine grade stainless steel cables are used, makingselecting them ideal for coastal areas. 
  • Zip track Outdoor Blinds: These types of blinds serve multiple purposes that is they protect a closed space which ensures privacy, sun protection, superior insulation, and insect control. 
Choosing the finishing touches of the blinds according to your preference:

The user gets the option of choosing the finishing touches of the blinds according to their preference. There are three different types of headbox options that you will find for the finishing touches. 

  1. Closed Headbox: It provides maximum protection to the fabric of the blind from the outside elements for keeping it as clean as possible.
  2. Open Headbox: It provides air ventilation to the blind, which helps maintain the temperature, especially during summers. It also helps in reducing the stickiness of transparent PVC Blinds. 
  3. Open Roller: It gives a modern look and less componentry, reducing cost. 
Domestic and Commercial Applications of Outdoor Blinds:

Outdoor blinds can be used domestically as well as commercially. These blinds are used for window covering for residences, which prevents the sunlight from coming into the rooms. It reduces the carbon footprint and air conditioning bills significantly. The blinds are also used to extend the outdoor living area or enclose a pergola to protect the area against insects, the sun, wind, and rain.  

In commercial situations, the blinds are used for a variety of reasons. A prevalent use is amongst café’s where it is used for making their outdoor area comfortable for the customers. Some restaurants also extend their outdoor seating area using clear PVC or shade mesh blinds. Outdoor Blinds Southwest has a wide range of products suitable for commercial and residential installations. 

We are moving on to the most commonly asked questions about outdoor blinds.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q1: Why choose outdoor blinds?

Choosing outdoor blinds is essential because they protect the home from the sun and give off a stylish look to the house’s exterior. These blinds act as barriers between the windows and patios, helping the user save significantly on energy costs. 

Q2: Where are the outside mounts installed?

Outside mounts are typically installed above the window frame or the wall above the window, depending entirely on the availability of the space. These mounts should be installed very carefully, and the area should be sufficient so that they can function correctly. 

Q3: How do you hang blinds outside the window?

Outdoor blinds are fitted outside the window with the help of brackets mounted outside the window frame for hanging these blinds. They are fixed on the window molding either on the wall or the ceiling above the windows.  click here for more articles.