Fence vs No Fence – Choose Wisely

So you have just gotten a new house, and now you are wondering how to secure your house from prying eyes and potential burglars

So you have just gotten a new house, and now you are wondering how to secure your house from prying eyes and potential burglars – that is, if you don’t have a fence around the house.

The question is whether you should opt for a fence or should you keep the property sans the fence. When it comes to putting up a fence, privacy is usually the biggest benefit. With a fence around your house, you have privacy from your neighbors and everybody else.

Advantages of Having a Fence

It also comes down to what privacy means to you. For instance, in Norway, people don’t have the concept of having a fence around their houses. They like to say hi to their neighbors – whereas – in the United States, the case might be the other way around.

In the USA, when someone goes home from work, they want to get to their personal space where they don’t meet or see anybody from the outside. This aspect perfectly explains why people prefer having walls around their property. They also like to set up fences.

Setting up a fence also has a lot to do with marking one’s property. Building a fence around a land indicates land ownership – the absence of which means a free-for-all. Fencing is also linked with the way we humans like to do our engineering, such as the cookie-cutter communities with just blocks and streets and average lot sizes.

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You get the point – mostly, fencing is for privacy for making one’s property. By setting up a fence, you can keep a pet dog without having to worry that it will bite or attack any by-passers. The fence around your house will also keep potential burglars off your property.

If you have just bought a new house and want to keep potential burglars out and have your own privacy without having to deal with the prying eyes of your neighbors, then you might want to call the best lumber supplier and build your fence today.

Having a fence is very beneficial when you have kids – you don’t have to worry about anyone kidnapping your kids or your kids walking on the street and getting into an accident. In summer, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety – no one will get in from the outside, and no one will get outside from the inside as well.

If this is your first house, then the fence will serve as an extra layer of security. However, instead of relying on the fence alone, you should opt for a good camera security system and a dog.

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Disadvantages of Having a Fence

Now when it comes to the potential disadvantage of putting a fence around your house or property is that you lose touch with your neighbors. You might get too comfortable living in your own little bubble where no one can enter from the outside.

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So, even if you were to put up fences, make sure you can still somehow see what is going on outside so you don’t lose touch with the world.

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