Fixed: Netgear AC750 Router Not Showing SSID

The wireless internet is one of the miracles to which mankind has been exposed. By connecting their gadgets to a WiFi network, users can easily take a quick virtual world tour. The name of the WiFi network is referred to as the “SSID”. Have you ever thought that what to do if your Netgear router suddenly stops broadcasting its SSID?

Well, don’t worry! You can use this article in this situation. You may resolve the Netgear AC750 setup box not showing an SSID issue by using the following list of tried-and-tested troubleshooting tips. Continue to read!

Note: Although we have taken AC750 as a reference model, however, you can use the steps given in the post for any Netgear router model you have.

Tips to Fix Netgear AC750 WiFi Router Not Showing SSID

How near is your router to the modem?

Yes, you should speak to yourself. You handled the matter improperly if the devices are placed too far. Ideally, your Netgear router should not be too far from your modem or access point. To improve communication between the two devices, move your Netgear router a bit closer to the modem.

Is your AC750 router still not broadcasting the SSID? You seem to have placed both devices too close to one another. If the two devices are put too close to one another, in this scenario, their WiFi signals may interfere with one another. Maintain the necessary distance to resolve the problem.

Have you attempted a restart?

You can also restart your Netgear router to fix the issue you’re having right now. Therefore, restart your Netgear router right away.

Disconnect the power source, give your device a chance to unwind, and let it cool. Restart the power supply after that. Verify if the AC750 router has started to broadcast the WiFi name.

Have you timely updated the firmware of your router?

A firmware update enhances the functionality of your Netgear router by fixing bugs and minor issues. But given that the Netgear AC750 router no longer broadcasts its SSID, it appears that you neglected to upgrade its firmware. Do not fret! Update the firmware of your router right away by accessing the web address.

However, keep in mind to update the firmware only as per the availability of your router’s model. A wrong version of firmware, if installed on your router, can make the device non-performing.

Is your router located in the proper position?

Do you know the best or worst places to locate your Netgear router? No? If the WiFi signals on your router are constant, the location is probably fine. On the other hand, a bad location is one where several physical barriers interfere with the WiFi signals of your Netgear WiFi router.

If the WiFi signals broadcasting from your AC750 WiFi router have trouble moving smoothly, look for a decent location. The availability of reflective surfaces, baby monitors, televisions, aluminum studs, refrigerators, cell phones, metal appliances, microwave ovens, water-filled utensils, concrete walls, etc. can hinder the signals of your WiFi router. Another way to describe a horrible location is one not having ventilation. So, we recommend you place the router in an area where it can find air. The best place to locate a router is in the central area of your home and over a higher surface.

Still no results?

It seems your Netgear router is not configured correctly. In that case, you need to restore your device to the default settings and then install it again from the scratch. You can reinstall the device with the help of the IP address and then check if your device is showing SSID or not.

We expect that this time you will get results!


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