Get Hidden Spy App for Android to Track Down Employees

Hidden Spy App for Android

Most workplaces have no office dating rule and I was unable to understand the basic logic until I witnessed a whole bizarre scenario regarding this. A team member was a playboy and was messing around with two of the competent female team members. Well, he made each one of them think that she is heroine and only girl and he is pretty serious about her. Finally, both have some sneak peek of his activities but as they say,love is blind they both thought that the other one is trying to come into their love life. The result was what other colleagues pretty much described as a catfight. Both of them had harsh arguments and they even didn’t back up each other in an important presentation for a project. The project was assigned to another team and that broke the silence.

Both of the ladies are very competent, hardworking, and professional people in the department. If that idiot man was not involved they would have been a fantastic duo and a team. The loss of the project makes us all realized that how petty and personal matters and sometimes mistakes of others cost us things we cherish the most. The cold war will be there for a long time but at least they still sit in the same department and that is what is enough. This incident opened the discussion between us department heads that how the clumsiness of one person is destructive for the whole team and department. 

To tackle such matters once and for all we decided to monitor the employee’s activities inside and outside the workplace through a hidden spy app for android. The company was already planning to give personalized devices to each of the members for work purposes. All we need to do was install the app on the company-owned devices and we are good to go.

The spy app is famous for its extraordinary employeemonitoring feature. You can track all the clumsy employees right away by using the app. The bonus is you can keep the use of spy apps secret from the employees or can tell them as well. It is all your choice.

Check Their Call Record:

Attending or making calls randomly in between important meetings and discussion is a very unprofessional act. Make sure you know about all the incoming andoutgoing call records of the target employees with the call log and call recording feature. 

Are They Texting Irrelevant People During Working Hours:

Wasting working hours in sending funny jokes or personal messages must be forbidden. You can check all those who are responsible for such acts with the text message log feature. You can read the text content and know about the contact details as well.

Keep An Eye on the Social Media Activities:

Social media activities are a usually clear sign, if anyone is dating in the office. If you have no dating rule you can assure everyone follows it by using the social media monitoring app features. The hidden spy app for android the TheOneSpy covers all of the major social media platforms like the Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, Best Snapchat spy app, Tinder spy app, and more. The user has even been given access to the target employee’s private chatbox as well. This feature is extremely useful to monitor the work of the digital marketing team as you can see how are they dealing with the clients and if they are doing a good /poor job in managing the official social media platforms of the company or brand.

Screen Monitoring The Secret Weapon:

Have eyes on the screen of the employees in real-time with a screen monitoring feature. You can makea surprise visitor or can check when you have time as the hidden spy app for android keeps the record of every activity in the form of screenshots and short videos. All the data is saved on the web portal.

Watch Them Secretly:

The camera bug feature is also an efficient feature totrack any clumsy employee doing any random stuff. The rear and front camera captures random photos of the surroundings of the target employee.

Don’t let any petty matter among the member become a big deal that hinders company progress. Use Hidden spy apps like the TheOneSpy and control the matter professionally.