Get Ready for iOS 15! Here’s What’s New?

Apple has recently announced the release of iOS 15; it is considered a major update that brings a robust set of features designed to enhance the iPhone experience. 

Since a significant release is on its way to the market, every iOS app development company should get the hang of what’s new with it! 

iOS 15 is launched to make FaceTime more natural. The version introduces SharePlay to pave the way for shared experiences, allows users to be in the moment and focus by establishing new ways of managing notifications and bringing intelligence to photos and search for quickly assessing the information. 

The weather app is redesigned with an advanced graphical display of data and full-screen maps; Apple Maps have also unveiled unique ways to explore the world. Apple Wallet now has added support for ID cards and home keys, and browsing the internet using Safari is even more straightforward with the new Tab groups and tab bar designs. 

iOS 15 also offers advanced privacy controls for Mails, Siri, and more places in the device to protect user information. 

Well, that’s just an overview of what’s new with iOS 15! Now is the time to deeply analyze the changes the new version has brought and ensure to mould our application. 

Here’s what iOS 15 brings: 

  • SharePlay for Natural FaceTime and Shared Experiences:

With iOS 15 FaceTime, users can connect with their loved ones anytime, anywhere. The significant update makes conversations with friends and family much more intimate and exciting. The spatial audio voices on the screen will offer a feel as if the other person’s sound is coming right from where they’re sitting. And the new modes in the microphone settings separate the background voice from the caller’s voice, making the conversation clearer. 

What’s more? Users can also use Group FaceTime and see many faces simultaneously with the new grid layout. 

Users can now witness shared experiences using SharePlay and connect with their loved ones over FaceTime to listen to music together, watch movies or simply talk. Almost every iPhone app development company is leveraging this powerful update to integrate such unique features into their current projects. This allows them to provide their users with the possibility to enjoy advanced iPhone features. 

  • Better user focus: 

The recent update brings various tools that reduce audience distractions and enhance their Focus on an application. 

The iOS 15 has a tool called Focus, which helps the system to filter out notifications based on user preferences. Therefore, only delivering what they wish to see.

Users can set their customer focus based on the applications and information they regularly visit or wish to see. The device intelligence will enable only the selected applications to send notifications. 

The tool can be assigned a set time to do its work; maybe a user likes to check their device while travelling or just before going to bed; Focus suggestions can be based on user context. Once a user sets their Focus on one Apple device, it is automatically integrated into all Apple devices. 

  • New Notification Experience: 

The new update has redefined notifications. Now contacts and icons from applications are displayed in the notification bar; this helps identify the apps better. 

The notification summary also reduced user distraction by collecting non-time-critical notifications at a good time in the evening or morning. Then the notifications are arranged based on the user priority collected by the device intelligence. This displays the notification in a ranking order based on the set priority. Therefore, important information reached the user first. 

  • On-Device Intelligence: 

Every iOS app development company analyses the big update to make their applications compliant and give their users the desired product. 

Therefore, all product owners must understand the on-device intelligence the update brings with it. 

  1. The Live Text can recognize the text present in a photo and allow the user to take action. For example, users can now locate the data using a picture of a handwritten recipe or use a contact number present on an image to make a call. 
  2. Spotlight is another update that uses intelligence to find photos based on people, location, scene, objects, and other relevant elements. It can work with Live Text to find handwriting and text in images. 
  3. Photos get the most significant update with iOS 15. It receives an interactive interface, a new look, and integration of Apple Music, which uses the device intelligence by suggesting songs that enhance the user experience of revisiting their memories. 
  • Redesigned Browsing Experience:

iOS has redesigned Safari to make user controls easier to reach with one hand. The content has also been rearranged at the front and centre. The new tab bar is designed to be lightweight and compact, and the user can find it at the screen’s bottom; this makes it easy to switch between tabs. 

The tab groups have made it easy for users to easily access tabs at any point across iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

  • Apple Maps:

Since the start, Apple has been determined to develop the world’s best navigation system with their Maps. iOS 15 takes this to the next level with an upgraded navigation method. Users can now experience enhanced details of cities, neighbourhoods, elevation, commercial districts, buildings, custom design landmarks, new road colours and labels, and the night-time mode using moonlight glow. 

This introduces an entirely new way to see the world through Apple maps. 


The iOS 15 is a huge update every iPhone app development company is gearing up for. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to understand what the new update is offering and modify your existing application to comply with it. If you are just entering the market, you can analyze the latest update and develop a compliant web application from scratch. Considering the enhancements allows a business owner to create an advanced application for their user base.