Get Rid Of Packaging Problems By Using Sleeve Boxes: 5 Tips

sleeve boxes

Nothing could be better than sleeve boxes as your packaging option. They entice the onlookers with a slide-to-reveal opening. A sub-optimized design for these boxes can damage your brand reputation since it acts as your brand’s face. An example could be a design that is non-functional, i.e., difficult to open or close. The lack of attraction and optimal communication could be significant issues, too, because this design simply proposes nothing to convince customers to purchase. Here is a breakdown of all the common packaging issues and how you can make significant design revisions for a perfect customer experience.

Invest In Customer Experiences:

The interaction of the potential clients with the products imparts an experience that can be a positive or negative one. The difficult-to-open or heavier design is detrimental to customer experiences. These experiences create impressions that stay in people’s minds forever and play a central role in their future buying patterns.
When designing sleeve boxes, make sure the sleeve has larger dimensions than the sliding tray or bottom side of the packages. Keep it large and fit enough that the tray part of the box can slide impeccably with no friction. If possible, attach handles to both sides of the sliding tray just like a drawer for a smooth opening. The interior of these packages is as essential as the exterior, so adorn or embellish it with various add-ons that add to a perfect customer experience. The inside printing or wrapping of the packaged items with branded tissue papers could go a long way here.

Add The “Wow” Factor:

The visitors are bombarded with many packaging options on the retail shelves. The worst part is that they are more or less similar, making the product distinction impossible. Custom sleeve boxes are a great addition to the shelves, but they cannot win attention unless the aesthetics are spot-on. Embellish their exterior with visual design elements that act as a target for the customers’ eyeballs. Crisp color schemes, high-impact patterns, and matchless graphical portrayals could be a great addition to the design. Make sure to keep these visual cues as bold as possible because such a design projects a higher visual impact that surely gets noticed. Window patching is another technique to have the clients’ undivided attention. Ensure that it is done creatively with innovative shapes of cutouts providing a clear inside view to cut across the competition clutter.

Maintain Optimal Communication:

Many brands are jumping on the bandwagon of incorporating everything into the box design for customer attraction. The result is that they overdo the plan that affects its legibility. Communication of the product particulars and brand story is a must-have for a packaging design to succeed. But, over-designing can result in a cluttered design that communicates negative vibes about your brand. The sleeve packages have enough space to write off your brand’s story and convey the fixed points of your items. Utilize this space effectively by inscribing the spot-on information and do not overpromise. The exaggeration of the details will only ruin your efforts towards customers’ persuasion for a purchase. While using the visual vocabulary, use a minimalistic approach to keep everything understandable for the onlookers. A perfect understanding of the visual information assists in purchasing actions that leads to your brand’s appreciation.

Seamless Design Optimization:

Loose-fit and oversized packaging design is getting familiar, but it is a grave mistake that increases the packaging costs. These costs limit the marginal profits procured to a retail brand that reduces productivity. In mind, ask the packaging companies for optimized designs before getting the wholesale sleeve boxes supplies. A perfectly optimized box takes less material in its manufacturing and takes excellent care of the products inside. There is no need to spend extra protective packing materials to fill up the different spaces. The output is also a lightweight design that occupies a lesser volume during the shipping of packaged products. The brands ultimately can save up maximum costs that are inevitable in the case of a sub-optimized design.

Keep Up With The Trends:

Living up to the changing expectations of customers is a great challenge. Not all packaging designs could meet these expectations that dissuade the customers from purchasing a particular item. The best stratagem is to keep innovating your sleeve packages according to shifting trends to target the customers in a personalized way. Sustainability has emerged as the most significant trend, and many brands are already on this bandwagon. Adopt all the sustainable practices while getting these packages designed and educate the customers about your efforts in this aspect. Changing the box design according to the festivity of the seasons is becoming increasingly popular as well. Get rid of similar designs and keep transforming the box’s exterior with brilliant concepts that win you immediate sales.

The market reach of a retail brand gets hindered to a large extent if they cannot overcome the common packaging problems. All of the brands face more or less similar packaging issues that need to be dealt with at the earliest possible. Before making any final decisions on the design of sleeve boxes, keep in mind these problems and solutions for excellent customer attraction.


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