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Social Media Listening

Social media has taken the world by storm. It is now a primary tool for communication and marketing in the 21st century. Social media listening services are an excellent way to take advantage of social media marketing and advertising opportunities. NetbaseQuid is an effective tool that will help you get the most out of your social media listening experience, whether you are looking to monitor social network activity, identify influencers or manage your brand’s social presence. This article provides a beginner’s guide to social media listening.

What is social media listening?

It is an observation of someone else’s activities in the social sphere. This can be accomplished through automated sentiment analysis, speech integration or social network account discovery and monitoring. Tools like NetbaseQuid give you the ability to capture your brand name and relevant terms throughout numerous networks such as Twitter or Facebook. You are then provided with a report that displays up-to-date tweets, posts or other content tagged with terms related to your company. This includes mentions of any related industries as well. 

Social media monitoring vs social media listening

Social media monitoring and listening do share similarities, but it is important to give special attention to their differences. Monitoring refers to tracking real-time social activity for a particular keyword or hashtags directed at your brand name and business. Monitoring activities are great for gathering basic analyses of audience interests in your brand, writing your social media bios or even changing your content strategy to align with trends. Listening does not typically include engaging other users on the network but rather focuses on visualizing information relating to your company in a presentable manner. Furthermore, listening will also incorporate long-term researching of what topics may be popular among your niche if you plan on releasing any new content, especially in a time where news cycles or seasonal demands prompt users to seek further coverage.

In addition, you may find it useful to know that social media monitoring most frequently focuses on information posted by users who share their thoughts about a specific product, service or brand. This idea also extends to user feedback, customer relations and more. Furthermore, customers become increasingly aware of practices due to monitoring where they will actively scrutinize and question the services provided by individual businesses such as yours.

As previously mentioned in the intro of this article, listening gives companies a sense of what is taking place within their target demographic through review sites, blog posts, video channels and other location-based sharing features on social networks. By keeping track of what conversations are taking place with your business consistently throughout social media campaigns, you are then able to gain a sense of how well or poorly your new or existing products have performed.

What to gather from social media listening?

Based on the quantifiable metrics associated through listening, determined metrics will be a result of what matters most to your business and your demographic target. It follows a more holistic approach to an often rapid and alien technology supported by many platforms and sometimes independently operated ones.

If we compare social media monitoring with listening, it is important to know the specifics of when one begins, and the other ceases. Such kind of listening can assist with in-depth market research regarding your company or even assist you in locating knowledgeable consumers others in your industry who will most likely enjoy collaborating with you.

In conclusion, to recognize the changes that continue to develop with social media and social listening is critical for a business. Although the idea of providing customer service continues to be important, there is a need for greater attention and scrutiny in this industry as opposed to previous times throughout the technological-revolution period. Listening can also be developed by the company and attributed to followers.

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