Getting WPC certification under the supervision of a consultant

Without WPC certificate, you can only dream of importing wireless products in India.

Much like all business licenses, the procedure of getting WPC certification requires accuracy during application filing, thoroughness during document submission and patience during application assessment.

However, sometimes, things don’t turn out to be correct, regardless of how accurate, thorough and patience you are.

That’s when, when applying for ETA license (another name for WPC certificate), you should follow the procedure under the observation of a consultant.

Let us tell you how.

Understanding whether you need the ETA certificate

Most wireless product importers/manufacturers tend to file ETA certificate application without knowing if they even need it. That’s right, ETA certification is not for everyone, and following are the instances in which you don’t require it.

  1. If you’re a native manufacturer: If you’re a manufacture of the wireless product in India, then you don’t need to obtain WPC certificate for ETA. By the virtue of manufacturing the product in India, you’re already adhering the Indian regulations. Thus, the Department of Telecom exempts you from filing the application.
  2. Your product works at a license frequency band: If the wireless product you’re planning to import works at a pre-approved frequency band aka a licensed frequency band, you don’t require a license. WPC issues ETA certificate not on the basis of product, but on the frequency. Thus, if the frequency is approved and your product works at it, you don’t need the any further registration.

So when do you need to obtain the Equipment Type Approval (ETA)

Well, the only time you require the approval is if your product works at a de licensed band – a band of frequency that hasn’t been approved yet.

An ETA consultant has a list of licensed frequency bands. When you bring the RF test report of the product, that consultant checks the mentioned frequency with that list. If it matches, you don’t need to go through the arduous process of certification.

However, that can only happen when you first test your product.

Finding the right lab to test the product

Remember, the only one allowed to run RF test on your product is a lab that has the NABL accreditation. Employ anyone else for the sake of inexpensive services and WPC would outright reject your application.  Thus, you first need to find the right lab for which you can get the product of yours tested.

Your consultants in this case, possess a list of all the active NABL accredited lab. Furthermore, they have associations with the most well known among them. It gives them the chance at an honest revenue and you a chance to get your product tested without any headache.

Application filing for the ETA license

Filing the application is a simple matter of few clicks and couple of keyboard taps. However, as you have to be accurate with the information you provide, you shouldn’t do it by yourself. The nuances present in the information often requires more information than you probably have at the movement.

And that’s where the documents come in. WPC certification requires the following documents:

  1. Letter authorizing an authorized Indian representative
  2. Import export code
  3. Certificate of incorporation or any other document as proof of your business entity
  4. Technical specification of the wireless product.
  5. Wireless product’s sample.
  6. RF test report.

You need to make sure that the details mentioned in the documents match with the ones you enter in the application, and that too in the exact format.

The task seems simple and innocuous, but the government, in its glorious streak of rejecting even what you consider as the “right” application, would make you realize that you need to enter more (or maybe less) details than is stated in the application.

And that’s where your consultants come in. They know what details you have to provide, and what you have to don’t. Their accurate attitude towards application filing combined with their experience is your best chance of getting your application assessed positively.


Never take on the task of filing ETA Certificate on your own. The process is long, and the issues can make it even longer. When your business is import of wireless products, you don’t have time to spare to take care of the legal issues.

But our experts do. Registrationwala exists for to save your precious. Let us deal with the hassle of WPC certification, while you take care of the quality of your product.

For more information, contact our experts.

Getting WPC certification under the supervision of a consultant is the only right way to get it. Save your time on ETA certification by knowing how experts can make the job easier for you.