Glam Up Your Living Room With the Right Choice of Tiles

If you are renovating your house soon, we have a fabulous idea for you. Why don’t you break the stereotype of having only clean painted walls in your living room? Well, what about trying tiles for once? Yes, tiles can be installed almost anywhere for any purpose. Even in your living room, if you pick the right ones in the right shades and patterns, you are definitely going to get a magnificently bespoke living room.

Types of tiles just for your living room

When you install tiles in your living room, even the size of the place and the decorative theme you have in mind doesn’t matter. You’ll get a tile for each type and size of the place and believe us if you call a really good Auckland based tiler from Best Skills the end results are going to be impressive for sure. Now read about some of the best kinds of tiles and the ways these are going to adorn your living room wonderfully.

  • Stone tiled walls — Want a distinct rustic yet bold accent in your room? Then pick the traditional stone tiles for your living room walls. You can just let it be present on your accent wall or two others as well, the positive change in the ambiance is natural. You can further enhance the beauty of this room by adding wooden furniture that complements the stone tiles really well.
  • Design white distinguishably — White tiles can actually charm up your entire living room if you design it well. Like, playing with the glossy and matte white tiles on your walls or picking the 3D version of these are sure to add life to your living room. We would suggest you keep all your living room walls in white tiles to get that desired peaceful and perfect ambiance here. You even get the freedom to play with different colors and designs in terms of furniture and furnishings if white tile stays stunningly classy on the walls.
  • Those alphabetic prints — If you love reading, then alphabets on tiles on one of your living room walls would be really excellent. Design it in a serious, alphabetical order or simply arrange them randomly, their nice presence in your living room is definitely going to add character to this place. To enhance its presence, pair it with contemporary styled décor.
  • Textured tiles — If you are looking for a super convenient monochromatic theme in your living room, then simply pick tiles of the same colour of your carpet or whatever flooring you have but play with the textures in this shade. The single shade all across the room with textures playing the lead role in the form of tiles are definitely going to look stunning in your house.
  • Brick and wooden tiles are eye-catching as well — If you want some natural element in your living room, play generously with brick or wooden emulating tiles. Whether you’re making these tiles a part of the accent wall or choosing for the entire living room, the amazing results can be imagined.

We suggested many types of tiles for a pleasant living room makeover in your home. Now decide as per your decor theme, which suits your purpose well.

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